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    I'm looking for recommendations driving from Seattle to LA. I don't have a time limit, but I'd like to keep it under 3 weeks. We're tent camping. Any suggestions on definite coastal routes we should take (mainly through Oregon and California)? Which parts of 1/101/I-5 should I avoid (boring, long, tedious scenery)?

    Here are some places we want to stop at. Trying to figure out a good route/itinerary:

    Oregon Coast
    Columbia Gorge
    Redwood NF
    CA Coast
    Maybe LA
    Yosemite? Possible?
    Zion/Bryce? Possible?
    Grand Canyon
    Then straight to PA (probably I-40)

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    Any of the places you've mentioned would be worth visiting, although I don't think you'll be able to hit all of them. Even driving "straight through" you still need to plan for at least 5 days to make the trip cross country, so you've got about 2 weeks to work with for exploring the west coast.

    There's not a bad option, but I think you'll want to prioritize things at least in part based on where they are. Its really not that easy to get between CA-1/US-101/I-5 in most places. Generally the routes between the Coast and the inland highways are relatively few and far between, and it can take a while to get between them.

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    Boring is a word we don't use around here, and certainly not one I'd use to describe the Pacific northwest. If you really want to include a good sized stretch of the Columbia River gorge on your trip then you might want to consider first heading inland on I-90/I-92 and then south on US-97 to the river and take WA-14 along the north side down to Portland. The drive down the Oregon coast on US-101 would be scenic, but slow. If it gets to be too much for you, you can always take one of the state highways across the Coast Ranges and use I-5, but you'll want to return to the coast via US-199 to be in position to the National and State parks devoted to the Redwoods on the northern California coast.

    With all the coastline you would have seen up to that point, I think you'll be ready for something different and should head to Yosemite, cross over Tioga Pass on CA-120 and cone down through Death Valley to Las Vegas. Zion could be done as a day trip from Las Vegas. Otherwise it, and certainly Bryce Canyon, are a bit out of the way to include on your general route. Two weeks plus a few days for the portion of your trip between Seattle and Albuquerque is plenty of time to soak up the sights along the way, and still leave the 5 days or so you'll need to get to PA.


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    Tioga Pass is not an option in the winter - it probably won't be open till around the beginning of June. It will close again sometime in November, most likely.

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