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Thread: route 66 vegas?

  1. Default route 66 vegas?

    Hi all new member from sheffield yorkshire uk
    First holiday to America land in california and going to vegas with a few arranged stops.
    The thing is can I get there via route 66 I am keen to see what it has to offer.

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    Default Parts of it still exist.

    Hi Terry welcome to R.T.A.

    A lot of '66 is long gone but a very popular part of the old road runs from Kingman to nr Ash Fork running alongside I-40 South East of Vegas. Depending on how much spare time you have and where you are coming from in Cali you could head that way and go into Vegas over the Hoover Dam. It is also a popular side trip if you wanted to head for the Grand Canyon. It offers some quirky little towns with Quirky stores offering '66 memorabilia and diners. You can pick up other parts of it through to Williams and Oatman in the other direction. Here's a link to '66

    If you need any other advice, info with your planning just ask.

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    Default The Myth and the Reality

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    "Route 66" has been made famous in song, TV and movies, but the reality is that it does not technically exist anymore. It was decommissioned over 20 years ago after it had been slowly replaced by a series of Interstate Highways (I-55/I-44/I-40) between Chicago and Los Angeles. It is also true that the old asphalt and concrete of what used to be US-66 is still out there in many places marked as 'Historic US-66' or as various state highways, often still with the '66' designation. Many of the old motels, gas stations and diners are still there, but while a few have been lovingly maintained as icons of the past, most have fallen into serious disrepair.

    So, I'm not sure which version of the highway formerly known as US-66 you're looking for, but one of the longest stretches of the old route is in western Arizona south of Las Vegas and connects Needles, CA and Oatman, Kingman, Peach Springs and Seligman, AZ


  4. Default route 66 vegas

    Thanks for the info regarding this.
    coming over in may so may be bugging everyone one here to find all the good places to see on route.

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    Default You can take a virtual drive on 66

    Guy Randall created this site which allows you to take a virtual trip along Route 66 between LA and Chicago -- just remember that the old Route 66 doesn't go to Las Vegas!

    There are over a 100 sites dedicated to Route 66, here is a list of the ones we recommend.


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