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    my husband and i will be flying into vegas sat. jan. 31. got cheap fares - we don't really care about vegas. will arrive midday. he loves the desert. we have a daughter in la to visit. is it possible to drive to death valley the first day and have enough time to explore a little? he has suggested we next visit sequoia, although i am unsure about this trip in winter. is is feasible? (it is just a thought, and not necessary if the conditions are questionable this time of year). then on to la for a couple of days' visit. then perhaps to joshua tree for a day? then the grand canyon? then lake mead/hoover dam and a night in vegas before our return flight saturday feb. 7? is this doable? i have little info about the weather this time of year, and this trip has come up so last minute that i feel a bit shaky about it. any insight anyone? i love this site! thanks for any help you can give.

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    Default Unpredictable.

    Like here, the weather is too unpredictable to forecast that far in advance, but you could certainly see wintry conditions.

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A forums.

    To keep an eye on the weather you can visit sites like wunderground or the Weather channel. The site keeps you up to date with current conditions in the parks.

    It's doable but I think Sequoia might be pushing it bit if you want to be relaxed and see some of the sights rather than driving through. I think that time you have gone through customs, located your rental and done the paper work e.t.c. and found a Hotel you will not be wanting to explore D/V. I would say a night in or close to Vegas, a day through Death Valley [fantastic place] and stop the other side. Carry on to L/A for your visit for 2 days. From there through Joshua tree and stop on the way to G/C ,enjoy a couple of days at the South rim before heading back to Vegas over the Hoover Dam. You can also take part of the old route 66 from Crookton to Kingman, there are some quirky little towns with great memorabilia stores along the route.

    If you really wanted to see some Giant Sequoia trees there is a grove of them called "Trial of 100 giants" in the Giant Sequoia N.M area. To do this you could stop in the Lake Isabella/Kernville area after Death valley and head up the Kern river highway towards Johnsondale and then a little way up CR107 towards Camp Nelson. It is a lovely secluded setting for sure, but again you would have to check out the weather.
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    What I might do is after you clear customs, get your luggage, and get a car is drive about an hour or so to Pahrump. This is the gateway to Death Valley. It's a small town but it has a Best Western, rooms are less than $100. I'd book soon, being a Saturday night it may fill up.

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    Default If he loves the desert....

    What I would recommend is to stay in Death Valley overnight. The Furnace Creek Inn is 4-star resort, the Ranch is a nice motel and there are much more rustic lodging choices elsewhere in the park. Even if you don't stay at the Inn, I would recommend a stop there for the views and to enjoy a walk along the spring-fed lilly pad pools!


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    Default Cuts

    I think I would leave out Sequoia for this trip, its just going to really crunch you for time. As has been mentioned, by the time you get off the plane, get luggage, rental car, etc its probably going to be close to dark by the time you'd get to Death Valley. Throw in a little jetlag and I think you probably won't accomplish much that first day.

    Since Sequoia National Park can only be reached via the west side of the Sierra, its basically a full day drive to get from DV to Sequoia, and that's before you look at either park. Factor in the time to see the park and the half day drive back to LA, and you'll bascially have to spend 2 full days just to have a quick tour of Sequoia.

    The Sequoia National Monument as previously mentioned might be a good compromise. Its not as spectacular as the trees in the National Park, but its still a nice place to visit. Its still a pretty good drive from Death Valley, but it would be easier to fit into your schedule.

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    i have a clearer view of the trip now. we have decided to forego the sequoias this trip. a couple of other questions. one - how long a drive would it be from vegas to dv, for instance stovepipe wells? (is panamint springs too far?) and two - on the other end of the trip, how long a drive (and what's the best route for scenery) from the south rim of gc to vegas via hoover dam? we don't want to miss anything, but would like to arrive back in vegas with a little time to spare for sightseeing friday eve/ sat. am. thanks for all your help!

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    Default Easily done.

    Hi there,

    From Vegas you will be on the fringes of D/V in a couple of hours via Pahrump on the 160 and onto the State line road to Death valley junction and then cross it on the 190 which takes you to Stovepipe Wells and Pannamint springs and out the other side.
    You could spend days exploring D/V but it's an easy day's drive taking in a few of the sights on this route, even with a detour to Badwater the lowest point in the States. It would be great to spend a night in D/V but you could push on even further if you so wished.

    From the South rim to Vegas via Hoover dam, is again a comfortable drive in a day. With a stop at the Hoover dam in mind I would just take a little detour onto an original part of route 66 and take in some of the little places along the way as I mentioned in another post.

  8. Default thanks again, dave!

    appreciate all the help. really looking forward to this vacation. it's special, because it's our 25th anniversary (feb. 2) and we have always wanted to see the desert and grand canyon together. will let you know how it all turns out.

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    Default Enjoy the trip !

    You're very welcome.

    Have a great vacation, I am sure it will be an anniversary to remember, and congratulations on hitting that milestone.

    will let you know how it all turns out.
    Yes please! We like it when people come back and share their experiences.


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