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  1. Default 8500 miles too much?

    Hello...I'm a newbie to roadtripping but my friend and I are planning a coast to coast, roundtrip drive from MA down to GA and then west to CA and back along a similar route but a little bit more north (UT, OK, TN, etc).

    I just plotted this out and it looks like its going to be about 8500 miles and we were planning to take 3-4 weeks all in including a few days in CA to reset. Has anyone done a similar Southern trip in the Winter? I am just looking to get some opinions if this is too ambitious or too short of a period. We will be driving a new rental car and do have some flexibility on time but not too much on $$$

    Thanks so much.

  2. Default More Info to Come

    Sorry...I'm clearly a rookie and realize from reading plenty of other posts now that in order to get some good feedback I need to post more info about how we plan to split the days up and where we plan to stop. I am going to be finalizing that soon with my friend but in the meantime, I am just looking for general advice...8500 miles over a month.

    Also, we would love to only do a one way trip and fly back from CA (flights are cheap!) but we can't find a cheap one way car option. I looked into Drive-aways and the major car rental companies but everything is at least 3X as much as a roundtrip rental and the drive-aways are few and far between.

    Any advice there?

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    Default Drop off charges

    These charges really vary a lot so check out all the car rental agencies to see if some have a fee that you're more comfortable with.

    And don't forget that if you drive the car back, your other expenses are going to go up (fuel/food/lodging). It's likely those expenses will be more than the drop-off fee. But you'll get the pleasure of seeing more of the country that way. But, then again, you will have to rush more past everything to see all these additional miles.

    We generally recommend that people limit their driving to about 500-550 miles per day. This provides a good mix of burning miles while, at the same time, having some time to explore along the way as well.

    8500/30 days is only about 283 miles per day. So, yeah, you can easily cover the miles in a month. In fact, you could even take some days off here-and-there from the road and explore some areas in more depth. But, yeah, in the end, you could explore more places in more depth if you only drove one way.

    Either way makes a great trip. You will have to weigh the costs and benefits of each to determine what appeals most to you.

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    Default 3 or 4, a bigger gap than you may think.

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums,

    With 4 weeks you will be O.K but it will depend on how much time you want to spend with the "wheels turning". I trust Judy's sum's so you will need to cover 283 miles a day. Now take 3 weeks and you will be looking at covering just over 400 miles a day which is around 7 hours a day. For every day you spend at a location without moving on, it would add another 20miles to each day of travelling. With just 5 rest days out of 30 you will need to cover 500 miles a day which is getting close to our recommended limit.
    Of course some days you can cover 250 miles and some 550 to make up the difference but with only 3 weeks you would have to push to keep on schedule and you might not have the time to explore as much as you wish.

    As Judy put it, you will have to weigh up all the factors and see what option appeals to you the most.

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