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    Default Las Vegas hotel recommendations

    I've just finished reading an article on Steve Wynn's latest hotel development - Encore - and how he's having to hold bottom end prices at a loss-making $148 in order to establish the place in these difficult times. The article then goes on to suggest that this is forcing down prices at other top end hotels, meaning that there are bargains to be had.

    My first question therefore is: is this an accurate picture?

    Secondly, presuming there is some truth to the story, where would you choose to stay - within reason of course.

    And finally, could someone perhaps offer a beginners' guide to the relative benefits of staying on "The Strip" and downtown. I quite like the idea of old "Rat Pack" Las Vegas (Golden Nugget?) but the comfort of a strip resort also appeals.

    The idea would be to explore LV for a couple of days and then use it as a base for a series of day trips.

    This is all very tentative at the moment but a week at the end of March might just be a remote possibility (and posting it on here somehow makes it slightly more possible).


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    Default Does smoking residue bother you?

    Quote Originally Posted by vambo25 View Post
    My first question therefore is: is this an accurate picture?
    Yes, prices are generally lower at the higher-end hotels than they've been for some time. The thing to remember though is that prices are in constant flux here and because of how the system works here -- prices on individual rooms at the resorts can change as quickly as minute-to-minute. If demand goes up -- so do prices.
    Secondly, presuming there is some truth to the story, where would you choose to stay - within reason of course
    . On the strip, two of the properties with the most consistent good quality of experience and reasonable price would be the Paris and the Monte Carlo.

    The two properties that are near-strip that I always recommend are the South Point Casino (on Las Vegas Blvd at Silverado) and the Tuscany on Flamingo.

    Downtown versus the strip -- The Golden Nugget is very nice, of course, but if you want a slightly grittier experience -- my bet would be the Las Vegas Club -- the rooms are still nice, clean and relatively smoke-free. That is the main difference, in my view, between staying in a new place (built less than 5 years) and the older establishments -- the smell of smoke pervades all of the older establishments. One thing to be aware of -- in the brand new places -- (less than two months) there is a odor of new furnishings that can cause inconvenience for some quests (if they have allergic tendencies).

    Other places that I would personally recommend would be either the Red Rock Casino Resort on the western end of the valley or the Green Valley Ranch -- both are very elegant and nice.

    Best resource for web deals and current pricing would be Anthony Curtis' Las Vegas Advisor.


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    Default downtowner

    Its been a few years since I've been to Vegas, but personally, I like staying downtown. Its still certainly a lively area, but since its a little more low key than the strip its more to my tastes, plus its almost always cheaper. Keep in mind, to me, a room is a place you sleep in when you're done having fun for the day and really nothing more than that, so really have to be convinced to spend more than I have to for a hotel room.

    I've stayed at the Las Vegas club a few years ago, and it was a perfectly fine place for what I was looking for. I actually stayed there because I found rooms on a weekend for 6 dollars a night (yes, six bucks!). They weren't luxurious, and they didn't have a good view, but I certainly wasn't going to complain. If you don't mind a little more gritty experience, as Mark termed it, The El Cortez, about 2 blocks from the Fremont St. Experience, is the place I've stayed at the most, because they have consistently cheap rates, and I think the rooms in the towers are actually pretty nice.
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    Looks like an old downtown place I stayed at in 1984 is closed - the Lady Luck. It was incredibly cheap on a package airfare deal and it was gritty but serviceable. The only other place I've stayed at in LV was the Luxor a few years ago - my sister caught a $70 a night deal over Christmas.

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    I've stayed at the El Cortez and thought it was great. You get a real sense of old style Vegas. There are still good bargain meals to be found downtown and the more laid back style means you get lots of chat time with the locals. Right across the street from the El C is a great Mexican resteraunt that has been htere for years! If you want a real Rat Pack feel try the Fireside lounge, a real divey place that is just the coolest thing ever. Oh, and dont forget the Double Down Saloon just for kicks.

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    Given the current downturn, it's probably a good time to try some of the more 'upmarket' places on the Strip although I suspect that the Bellagio and the Venetian are holding their prices. The Luxor and the Monte Carlo are both reasonable and good value (although if you stay in the pyramid rather than the towers at the Luxor, you only get a shower not a bath tub). Like Mark S, I quite like the South Point, it's still new enough to be in clean and tidy condition if you don't mind being way down at the end of the Strip. The Excalibur tends to have good room rates, but the old girl really is showing her age and I'm a little surprised that it's still there each time I go to LV. If you don't smoke, avoid New York New York; for some reason, the smell of smoke seem everywhere in that hotel.

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    I've stayed at the Wynn, Mandalay Bay, Venetian and Green Valley Ranch. If you're visiting as a tourist, I would suggest staying on the Strip. Green Valley Ranch is nice, but it's not much different from staying at an upscale resort anywhere else. I like the Venetian (all rooms are suites) for the shops and restaurants. But if you can stay at the Wynn (or Encore), it's nicer and newer, and the Wynn offers an amazing view of the golf course if you stay on the side facing away from the Strip. The golf course is beautiful and refreshing to look at if you get overloaded by the lights of the Strip.

    The Red Rock resort also is worth considering if you'd prefer to stay off-Strip. It's upscale and you can be 10 minutes between hiking at Red Rock (beautiful) and an icy-cold cocktail or a massage at the Red Rock resort. It's run by the same company as Green Valley Ranch.

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    Avoid the North end of the strip (Stratosphere).

    In the middle of the strip is much safer, walking back to the Stratosphere at night was nerve racking with the clientele of people we passed. Our cab driver also cautioned us that the North strip is not very pleasant at night.

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    Has anybody mentioned the Bills Gambling Hall yet? The old Barbary Coast is in a great location between Ballys and the Flamingo, if you try your luck at check in you may even get a room with a view of the Bellagio fountains.

    We stayed here a few nights last year and liked the size of the place, it dosen't take ages to get from your car to your room and room to the strip, we stayed in the towers at the Luxor last year and it took half an hour almost to get from room to the strip! The rooms aren't as lavish as some but there perfecrly adequate. I'd be more than happy to stay here again, there's reason its #8 of 293hotels on Tripadvisor.

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