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    Default Denver to San Fransisco Sept 09

    I'm new to this really cool site. I am from Ireland and planning a solo road trip. I will be flying into Denver in September and driving to San Fransisco. Places I want to see are Monument Valley, possibly Lake Powell, maybe Grand Canyon and down to part of Route 66 (say Wiliams, Kingman to Needles), then up through Death Valley and onto SF. I'll have anout 10 days for the trip. Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Keep Moving

    Céad Míle Fáilte! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    With ten days you'll have plenty of time to get to all the places you've listed, and a few more. You just won't have time to savor any of them in great depth. Still, I think you're looking at a great RoadTrip. Besides the places you've listed some others that you may want to consider include Rocky Mountain National Park just northwest of Denver, Arches National Park, this section of old Route 66, Lake Mead instead of Lake Powell, Las Vegas, and Yosemite National Park. Add in the places you listed and you get to spend less than a day at each location. But would I do it? In a heartbeat.


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    Default Me, too!

    What a great trip you have planned!

    But, really, there should never be a "maybe" in front of the Grand Canyon. Go. Pictures do not do it justice.

    You might want to add in Bryce and/or Zion national parks, too. Well worth it!

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    Go raibh maith agat! Thanks for the ideas. I'm still very much at the planning stage. I say "maybe" to Grand Canyon as I've been there before and perhaps I'd be better covering somewhere else instead. Same applies to Las Vegas (Great place but once might be enough - no disrespect!). I don't mind the driving but I don't want to spend all my time in the car - too nice a country for that. I'll get together an itinerary and if it's ok I'll get back here later and see what comments people might have. In the meantime, thanks for the responses.

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    Default North or South rim?

    Hi Aidan,

    They are all great suggestions above, and if you have only been to the South rim of the Grand Canyon it would be a good opportunity to visit the North rim if you decide to visit Zion and Bryce. [highly reccommended] Three scenic wonders situated close by to each other.

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    Good idea about the north rim, as is Bryce and Zion. Both sound nice. And that bit of Route 66 looks cool. My main must-sees are Monument Valley (all those westerns in my youth) and to get a feel of Route 66. Now, where did I put those maps...?

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    Default Yeah, the North Rim

    Quite different than the South Rim. You can't go wrong with that plus Bryce and Zion. I'd also suggest a visit to Mesa Verde NP. I was transfixed by these ancient dwellings.

    It would be fun to travel the Million Dollar Highway on the way to Mesa Verde from Denver. Explore Durango, too. This discussion should give you more tips.

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    Thank you all very much for your ideas. I really appreciate the time you took. I am going to study the maps and make out an itinerary. I'll post it later and see if there there are any comments from the experts. Thanks again - and good luck over there with the inaugeration - we in Europe are all expecting (and hoping) the US to save the world economically!

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    Default Yes, many of us are looking forward to Tuesday!

    Keep asking questions while you're planning and we'll give you a hand in tweaking things to make a great itinerary.

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    My latest idea!
    Day 1 Denver via US70 through Leadville to say Poncha Springs
    Day 2 via Montrose to Durango
    Day 3 Mesa Verde, Cortez to Mexican Hat
    Day 4 Monument Valley, overnight in Kayenta
    Day 5 to Winslow (meteor crater)
    Day 6 Route 66 to Kingman
    Day 7 to Las Vegas
    Now a decision to be made!
    a) Day 8 to Death Valley and Day 9/10 to Reno (to catch the Californian Zepher) or
    b) Days 8/9/10 via Zion and Bruce up to Salt Lake City to catch the train there. I'm taking the train to Chicago and flying back to Dublin from there.
    Any thoughts?

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