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    Default 3 weeks - Califonia Road Trip

    Hello All

    Thanks for all your help in the other thread about car hire, so I will now get to the original reason of why I joined - tips, advice, feedback, on our planned trip. Keep in mind we are all 22 year old lads, from Liverpool (England for those who don't know). We want to see as much as we can - different thigns that we won't any other time, or on another holiday. This is more a life "experience".

    We are looking at flying into San Francisco on Tuesday 30th June, and flying back out of San Francisco on Tuesday 21st July. So we have 3 weeks. The plan is roughly as follows...

    1. 3 days in San Francisco. Go see Alcatraz, go out, look around the city. Anything else we should look at doing during the day?

    2. Drive down the coast. Stop at Big Sur for a day and night, then down to Santa Barbara for a day & night. One of these stops is likely to be the day and night of July 4th, which I know is big. So what can we expect? Should we head into LA for this, or stay where we are? Anything else we should look at doing?

    3. We will then go down to LA for a few days, 3/4 I reckon. See the touristy things, go to Six Flags, go out. Anything else we should be looking at doing druing the day/ night?

    4. Then on to San Diego, which I think will be our longest stay anywhere. We have been told it is a proper party place, and considering we are used to Ibiza every summer, we are hoping so. What should we expect? Would a week be too long here?

    5. The plan is then to drive from here to Vegas, stop at touristy places, but head there without any over night stays. Then we will stay in Vegas for our last few days, over the weekend, go out, gamble, Rehab party.

    6. Leave Vegas the Monday, drive back up to San Francisco (hungover), to fly home the Tuesday.

    So any tips, advice? Should we do anything else in between San Diego and Vegas?

    Any other places we are missing out on, etc?


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    A nice trip, it sounds as though it's going to be quite a party !

    I can understand 3 young lads wanting to party and see the big lights [hell I can remember it, but only just] ;-) but I would still reccommend taking a bit of time out and taking in some of the sights.

    We want to see as much as we can - different thigns that we won't any other time, or on another holiday. This is more a life "experience".
    Grand canyon is one of those places. It would only be worth it with an overnight stop but it might give you some "down time" in between S/D and L/V.

    I would also reccommend a couple of nights minimum on the way back to San Fran from Vegas and cross Death valley head up the 395 and across the Sierra's on the 120 into Yosemite, both are unbelievable places.
    You can party anywhere, anytime but mix it up a bit, these sometimes turn out to be once in a life time opportunity's to see such amazing places.

    Have fun!

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