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    i have been searching the internet and this forum for an answer but cant really find one for this specific problem,

    i am going to visit the states for 3 months in october and i am from the UK. i have a friend that is going to give me a car to use. the problem i have now is will i be covered on there insurance or will i need my own? if i do require my own is there any companies that you can recommend for me to get insurance. friend i am getting the car from is in dayton ohio

    thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If your friend is going to continue owning the car while you are driving it, then the insurance policy will be in their name, but they will have to add you as a driver.

    However, you and your friend should know that since you will have no US driving record or credit history, his insurance rates will likely go up for all of his cars - not just the one you are borrowing. Also, if you were to get into an accident, it will essentially go on his record, meaning he would be paying higher rates for the next few years even after you are back home.

    If he is planning to sell/give you the car, where the car will be in your name, you'll have a different set of problems. You'll have to find a way to take care of the license, registration, and title, and it could be very difficult to find anyone who will insure you. You will have to shop around, likely to high risk/high rate companies, to find someone who will write you a policy.

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