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  1. Default Central and southern Florida in 6 days?

    I have but a few days in the US after a conference now in Jan. I have booked a rental. I will start from Orlando (picking up the car at Disney).

    My "plan" is (still) to get the car on a Friday. Then my "tour" would be
    > Orlando - > south to Ft Lauderdale (and the huge mall there)
    > Ft Lauderdale -> south to Key West
    > Key West -> north to Ft Lauderdale -> west to Naples
    > Naples -> North tp Crystal River/Hommossa
    > Back to Orlando Airport on Wednesday.

    The real places I would like to visit are
    > Ft lauderdale for some great shopping at Sawgrass mills
    > Key West
    > Crystal River and some manatee snorkling.

    As I have never been in the US and have no idea what the real driving time are from place to place.. I just wonder.. it this even feasible? I know it takes long time down to the Keys.

    Or should I skip the keys and make the trip more boxy and go from Ft Lauderdale directly to Naples and up the west coast?

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    Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale is 210 miles, it will take about 3 hours and 15 minutes.
    Ft. Lauderdale to Key West is 190 miles, that will take about 4 hours depending on traffic.
    Ft. Lauderdale to Naples is 110 miles, that takes about an hour and 45 minutes.
    Naples to Crystal River is 240 miles, that takes about 4 hours.
    Crystal River to Orlando is 90 miles, that's about an hour and a half.

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    As a former Floridian, I would agree with glc on the driving times. I used to live in Naples (until 2006). The beaches are nice but they aren't as wide as those in the east coast (Miami, Daytona Beach, etc). It's a nice town but there just aren't a lot of places to see. I believe the road to Key West from Miami is mostly 1 lane each way with a few sections having passing lanes. So if you ever get caught behind a "leisure" driver, then the trip can be longer. But since you're on vacation, sit back and enjoy the beautiful beaches and the wonderful FL winter weather. The big mall in Ft. Lauderdale is Sawgrass Mills. It's so big that 1 day is not enough to cover all the stores. Also, a trip to South Florida is not complete without stopping in South Beach (Miami). By the way, the traffic in I-75 (going North from Naples to Ft. Myers, and also the section around Sarasota) gets really bad in the afternoon rush hour so it''s best to avoid it. Enjoy your trip.

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    Thanks for the prompt replies!

    There is always a trade-off.. First-time visit longer then 12 hours and you want to see it all! But also, I don't like to sit in a car my entire vacation. Really need to prioritize.

    The driving times seems rather Ok.. Great to know the numbers.. makes it easier to plan the first ever american roadtrip :D

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