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  1. Default Family trip from Illinois to Oregon

    We're a family of 7. 5 children who will be 10, 8, 5, 3 and 9 months at the time of our trip. We're going out to Oregon to visit family, but hope to make it a fun sightseeing trip as well.

    I'll take as much advice as I can possibly get. I'm feeling pretty intimidated at this point, but we've got until at least June to figure out all the particulars.

    We'll have about 14 days for the entire trip.


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    Default Educational and Fun

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You have a great opportunity to not only have a great trip with your kids, but to have the get some first hand visits to places that they will be learning about in school. You also have a chance to take two different routes out to Oregon and back to Illinois. On your way west, I'd suggest that you emphasize the millions of previous westward trips made by all who came before you. By following I-80/I-84 west, you'd be basically following in the footsteps of all those who took the Oregon Trail as well as finishing up in the same place as Lewis and Clark. Other fun sites along the way include the Amana Colonies in Iowa, Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area in Wyoming, the Great Salt Lake in Utah, and the Snake River valley in Idaho.

    On the way home you could, for just a few more miles, take I-90 and emphasis the country's natural wonders with stops in Yellowstone, (a little more history) at the Little Bighorn, Devils Tower and a whole host of scenic venues in South Dakota. Rather than being overwhelmed, I would hope that such an adventure would fill you and your family with a sense of wonder at this great country.


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    Default round trip?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Do you have 14 days total to make this trip both directions? And how much time do you plan to spend in Oregon?

    Really the best thing I can recommend on a trip with kids, especially this many kids, is to give yourself plenty of time so you can stop frequently. There's plenty of great things to stop at along the way, but many times, just even spending an hour at a park so kids can get out of the car, run around, and not be right next to each other can greatly improve things. There is no shortage of great stops along every major interstate in the US.

    That's why I'm a little concerned about your timeframe. At a bare minimum, you should take 4 days each direction to make this trip, and that's before any major sightseeing stops at places like the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, or Yellowstone. If you've only got 2 weeks to go both directions, your available time is going to start flying by very quickly.

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    If possible you should get to the coast in Oregon - the water may be cold but it's beautiful! And if you don't mind wearing a wetsuit you can even go boogie boarding, surfing, or body surfing. I love going to Yachats, and if you're there you've got to eat at The Drift Inn. The dunes are fun, especially dune boarding! Also, if you happen to be in Oregon during mid July, you should check out the Oregon Country Fair in Veneta (right outside of Eugene). But only go there if you don't mind a major hippie vibe. If that's cool with you, you'll have a lot of fun at the fair and there's definitely lots of stuff for kids to do - a lot of musical acts, acrobats, and really random talented people doing their thing. Not to mention the food there is AWESOME. It costs about $30 to go for a day, and you can also camp there for the entire weekend it's there.

    Obviously Crater Lake is good to see... it's a trek though, and it's not too close to any real cities. Hells Canyon is really beautiful and has great hiking, rafting, and a huuuge river gorge. It's down on the border near western Idaho. Sahali Falls is really pretty sightseeing. As for going into any cities, Eugene is really nice and mellow, and has a great Saturday Market with tons of local, fresh produce and crafts, and delicious food and good live music. Portland is a bigger city and you can do almost anything you want there.

    Well good luck! Try to see as much of Oregon as you can, it really is a great place, I love it here.

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