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  1. Default Summer Road trip - car or RV

    We're planning a road trip for about four months from July (starting either in Seattle or San Francisco) and we're trying to see what is the best option! Either renting a car/buying a tent or renting a RV - but prices seem to be quite expensive for RV over the summer considering that there is only 2 of us.
    We're trying to get an idea of an average budget per day (incl. accommodation/food/camping grounds)...etc...I'm sure this can be extremely flexible but we will appreciate any feedback or any suggestions!!
    Many thanks in advance
    Christelle & Véronique

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    Default R.V's = expensive.

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums.

    Renting a car and tenting will be a lot cheaper than the R.V option, with just 2 of you travelling, renting a car and using Motels would be cheaper than an R.V.. The "best option" is an individual choice but as for a "budget friendly option" forget the R.V.


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