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    Hello there,

    I was planning a road trip this summer (either 4 weeks in June/July) or 6 or so weeks in August/September. Looking around the forum it seems there are a lot of you in the know, so thought it would be best to ask you guys..

    There are 2/3 of us heading over from the UK wanting to do a road trip at our own pace, and are wondering the best way to travel.

    Looking at car rental even for the cheapest model comes to a crazy price, mainly the 1 way surcharge, also the young drivers surcharge (we are aged 20-21), and various other taxes and charges. We had thought it may be better to purchase a reasonably cheap car once we arrive, drive it over then try and sell it upon departure - what kind of hurdles are in the way with doing this? Issues like insurance, taxes, registration etc - we are clueless.

    What about public transport? Buses are a consideration failing any other viable alternative to car rental/purchase at a reasonable price.

    Thanks for any of your ideas!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are several discussions of what is required to buy a car in the US on the forum, like this very recent one. In a nutshell, its an expensive and time consuming process that really isn't practical for a trip unless you'll be on the road for at least a few months.

    Renting a car will be expensive with a drop fee and if you are under 25. In fact, anyone in your group who is 20 or younger probably won't be allowed to drive at all.

    Buses and Trains are a reasonably priced option, but the problem is that they simply don't go to that many destinations.

    I'm sorry to tell you that we do get this question alot, and there really are no good answers. If you want to do this trip, you need to be prepared to spend a good amount of money.

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