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    Default Upload live GPS position to web

    This may take a bit of explaining but here's what I want to do. In February I will be taking a trip from Missouri to San Diego and back over 8 days. I am bringing my laptop with a wireless/cell (evdo) card and gps connected to it. I would like to be able to have the gps update my position on a map online that folks back home would be able to follow as I drive....say every minute or two update my location on the online map. Make sense? Any ideas on a program that could do this automatically would be great.

    I'm also going to have a live video stream if the net connection can handle it so people can "come along" for a while while I drive. Might work...might not but I'd love to try.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Who is your cell carrier? You are not going to have much 3G coverage out on the Interstates except when you are going through cities, and that's not even going to be reliable when you are moving along at 60+ mph. The rest of the way is going to be dialup speeds and you will also hit areas with spotty coverage and no coverage at all. You also have the issue of the monthly traffic cap, streaming video will bust that pretty quick.

    8 days? How long are you planning on staying in SD? It's a full 3 days each way from Joplin, and that's the closest point in MO to the west coast. I'm getting ready to head out to SD myself in the next couple of weeks.

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    I'm with Alltel so I'll be looking at EVDO coverage as we go. Video is a secondary concern to the gps position updating.

    We might stretch the trip to 9 days but both times I've drove I40 out there it's only been a 2 day trip, but that was by myself and driving long hours so we'll see how things shape up this time.

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    To me, 2 days in February is pushing it a bit too much. You will be driving after sunset for quite a while, and weather can be a definite issue. I've looked at that - one night in Albuquerque - and for me that would be just a bit too much.

    I made a run out there in May 07 - went to Dallas the first day to see a friend. Next day, I did make it all the way to Lordsburg, but the 80 mph speed limit and the long daylight made that a lot easier than it would appear. I was on the road for about 13 hours, I only made one meal stop (if you call hitting Mickey D's in Van Horn a "meal"). I ate my sandwich and fries while walking around the parking lot to stretch my legs, and finished my drink in the truck. The next day, when I hit SD I was at the end of my rope.

    In Dec 07, I made another run. I escaped Joplin 2 days before the big ice storm and made it to Santa Rosa the first night - I ate an early dinner at the Big Texan. My wi-fi card crapped out so I stopped in Albuquerque the next day to pick up a new one and check the weather. It was snowing in Flagstaff so I took I-25 to Hatch and the NM-26 cutoff at hatch to Deming. Got on I-10 and called it a night in Casa Grande, it was starting to get dark and didn't feel comfortable pushing it to Yuma. Good thing I did - just as I pulled into the Super 8 it started pouring rain. Had some issues the next day on I-8 up over Ocotillo - it was slushy in spots and kept me down to 45 mph or so till I got down to around Viejas.

    Didn't Sprint buy out Alltel? If so, you will have pretty good coverage, but their non-3G speeds are pretty bad. I'm not aware of any software to do the GPS thing for you, sorry. That doesn't mean that it doesn't exist though.

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    Yeah weather can be tricky this time of year but my time isn't set in stone so if I need to divert or stick somewhere for a bit I can.

    Alltel was actually bought by Verizon...they just now started switching things over so I'm not sure where I'll stand on evdo service by the time I actually leave. We'll see I guess.

    Anyways yeah that's why I figured I would ask this question here...though some enterprising road tripper might have come across an inventive or easy solution. Might just have to manually update every 30-60 minutes.

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    Default Live GPS-based mapping

    I have no personal experience of using this but I did once follow someone's adventures that they put on-line using trackr! GPS tracking.

    It works from your cellphone - in conjunction with an in-car GPS device or a GPS facility built into your cellphone - and updates your location via Google Maps. And the software's free.

    I know all the screenshots they show on the site are European but the guy I was following was on a major US road trip so it works anywhere.


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    Default What fun!

    That program looks pretty cool, Peter. It will be interesting to see what people do with this.

    avaag, if you do this, please let us know where we can track you.

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    I did come across trackr the other day and am trying to figure out how to get it to work with my existing equipment. We'll see how it works out but it is defiantly what I'm looking for.

    I'll keep everyone apprised of whatever progress that we make to our goal here.

    Thanks for all the help.
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    Default Photo positioning!

    Wow, this does look cool -- It would really make my photo logs easy to maintain.

    I will be interested in hearing how it works for you.


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