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    Default A newcomer to this forum trying to plan family vac.

    Hi. I am new to the site. I came across it while trying to plan our next adventure.I am pullin out my hair trying to figure out a plan for our next trip this summer. We are heading west - Montana (to see relatives). I love to plan things in detail ahead of time but I don't mind veering from the plan either b/c I know there is so much to see and do with a trip like this.

    I have four kids 13, 12, 10 and 8. We arecoming from long island and will fly into Denver and want to end up in Missoula, MT. My husband and I have set aside about 17 days in July for this to come together. My kids want to do it all from rodeos to old west ghost towns to MT. Rushmore to yellowstone. If possible I would love to see some stadiums and or ballgames as well.

    Has anyone done a trip similar to this( CO,WY,SD, and MT)? I would love to hear from anyone with ideas on where to stay, what routes to take, site to see -all of it. We would like to spend a couple days at each stop but not necessary if not warrented. Any info. I can gather would be a tremendous help. thanks to all in advance.

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    Default Some of the Best

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Actually, the land you'll be driving through is some of the most scenic that the country has to offer. Places that you should be sure to get to and are worth a day or more include Rocky Mountain National Park and the Stanley Hotel in nearby Estes Park which was the inspiration for "The Shining", Cheyenne Frontier Days which is one of the west's great rodeos and may be going on during your trip, a number of great sites within easy driving distance of the Rapid City area including Wind Cave and Jewel Cave as well as Devils Tower and a host of other options, and then on the way to Yellowstone your kids might enjoy both a visit to the Little Bighorn and a drive up the Beartooth Highway.

    And those are just the highlights.


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    The only major league baseball would be in Denver. However, there are some minor league cities along or near your route - Colorado Springs CO, Casper WY, Billings, Helena, Great Falls, and Missoula MT are all affiliates. There should also be some independent league towns.

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    Okay, first off, stay off the interstates if you have this much time.

    One site to see, that I saw by happenstance, is Thermopolis, Wyoming. The world's largest mineral hot spring. Quite intriguing. And if you come up from US20, you can go through the Wind River Canyon as well.


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