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    Default Florida Road Trip - Sep 2009?


    I used this forum to help plan our CA, UT, AZ road trip last year, and both the advice and the trip were great so I'm hoping for some equally helpful pointers. This time we're thinking about a Florida road trip for later this year!

    We've never really been to the area before so we are keen to see/do as much as possible during our time. We'll be 30 yrs old and we're looking for a mix of parks (hiking/camping etc.), coast, and cities (Miami def, any others?) and are basically after a good fun, 2 weeks or so. Not sure where is best to fly into, Orlando or Miami, or maybe into one and out of the other.

    I've come up with a first go at a route (from a quick look at Google Maps) and wanted to get some of your thoughts on what we were proposing.

    1. Fly into Orlando
    2. Lakes Placid and/or Okeechobee
    3. Everglades National Park
    4. Florida Keys
    5. Miami
    6. Cape Canaveral
    7. Fly back from Orlando to England

    I guess it would be good to know any of the following:
    1) Is there anything we should add/omit/swap to our trip? Best National Parks / coastal areas?
    2) Any advice on areas to stay/go to in any of these places? Camping as much as possible would be great.
    3) General thoughts - is this achievable etc.?
    4) What time of year would be good to do this trip? September or October any good?

    Any help would be very much appreciated!

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    Oh I forgot, not really into theme parks or anything like that...

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    All three National Parks are down at the southern end of the State but I see you are plannign to visit Miami so you are a stones throw away from the two easily-accessibles ones: the Everglades and Biscayne. There is a concession at the latter which runs a very 'well-worth-it' glass bottomed boat tour through the bay which you absolutely must do. Everglades NP is quite a subtle park and you would find yourself missing most of what it has to offer if it wasn't for the excellent ranger-led tours there. Be sure to get on at least one of those.

    The third national park - Dry Tortugas NP - is a bit of a challenge to reach but well worth the money. It is something like 60 miles off Key West and closer to Cuba than the US! I went a couple of years ago by sea plane and I am planning to return by boat in Feb as I desperately want to camp out there for the night... I reckon it'll be fantastic! I think you should look into that also... the people at Key West Travel are able to advise and book spaces.

    Of course this means that you will need to drive down through The Keys which is a very rewarding drive in itself. Along the way you will find several fantastic places to camp such as Bahia Honda and Curry Hammock State Parks. There really are fe better places to camp than these but early bookings are essential.

    I, like you, am not one for theme parks but I loved my time in Florida so I am sure you will too. There is so much more to it than Disney. The Space Coast is interesting and I loved Kennedy (even though it was far from cheap -- and you leave real tired!). If you're at all interested in animals then Sea World and Busch Gardens are both great; as is Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa.

    Personally I am not a city person and felt a little bit overwhelmed with Miami but felt completely different on the Gulf Coast: Sarasota and Tampa, for example, hve a completely different feeling about them.

    Edit: Here is the link to my report of my trip to Florida
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    If you'd like to see animals in a different way, there's Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach. You drive through the zoo with the animals freely roaming around you (yes even in the Lion area). My daughters got a big giggle out of the ostrich trying to peck at their fingers from the other side of the car windows. Along US41 (which runs parallel to I-75/Alligator alley) are several parks and campgrounds. I remember HP Williams wayside picninc area where you can see alligators in their natural habitat. HP Williams is 7 miles from SR29 which will take you to Everglades City. Here you can find Gulf Coast Visitor Center (part of Everglades NP) where you can explore the Ten Thousand Islands. I believe there's a boat tourl. When hiking/walking around at this time of the year in FL, always remember to bring bug spray, an umbrella or poncho, and plenty of water.

  5. Default South florida in September?

    Not to be a party pooper, but September is the wet season for South florida, so it's gonna be fairly warm and wet, so bugs bugs galore. You won't be able to hike a lot (all the trails will be under water) unless you like wading through water. All the wildlife will also be dispersed as they have easy access to water, so you won't see much wildlife.

    Since you are visiting in September, who not go to some other places, like Smoky mountains, Shenandoah etc. They will be beautiful that time and pleasant. Of course, you can go to New England and see the pretty colors at that time.

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