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    I'm looking to take a road trip out of the city up north to either Vermont or New Hampshire (even upstate NY or the general area) but what I'm really looking for is being able to see the mountains rise over the horizon while i'm driving to where ever. The destination i'm hoping for is a quiet little town with shops and scenic views. I know it sounds random and weird but I know upstate NY has those mountain views but the town/area is whats throwing me off.
    I was thinking Burlington, VT but its a little far for right now. If anyone has any ideas for a town like this, please let me know. I'm looking forward to this but right now I need a little info to guide my direction.

    (Also im currently working on finishing my photo license plate collection of the US and Canada. I have Ontario, Quebec and the majority of the northeast US so if anyone knows a popular spot for midwestern plates, please do tell.)

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    If Burlington (the largest city in Vermont, by the way) is too far, there are several other possibilities for a 'quiet little town with shops and scenic views'. The first that pops to mind is Saratoga Springs just a little north of Albany, but others a little farther along would include Lake George NY and Bennington VT. Actually, now that I think of it, Plymouth VT is a town that has been preserved as it was in the early 1900's when Calvin Coolidge lived and worked there. But this is a case where you may not need a specific destination. Just start north on the Taconic Parkway and then basically follow the Hudson River Valley on US-4 or the Berkshire hills on NY-22 and I think you'll find something of what you're looking for.


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    I'll definitely check out the places you listed. Ive looked at Lake George already but I think what you said at the end is more accurate.. I dont think i'm looking for one specific destination but something along the lines of drive until I find something appealing, spend some time and keep going. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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