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    I'm looking for some fun places to stop on the way to Pheonix from Chicago during late August/early September. My husband and I are driving to Pheonix for work and want to make the most of the trip down. We'll have 7-10 days to travel and want to see as many fun and historical sites as we can. Any suggestions on cities/attractions? Thanks!

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    Default Oh, you are going to have fun!

    This route takes you along what is the old Route 66. The possibilities of fun places to explore is practically endless.

    Route 66-Mission Accomplished is a great roadtrip report from someone who travelled that route awhile back.

    Our Route 66 page has numerous resources that should be helpful.

    This should give you a start in your planning. As your doing that, please feel free to ask further questions. We're glad to help. Happy planning!

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