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    Me and my fiance are taking a roadtrip from San Francisco, toYosemite, Death Valley, Las Vagas, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and ending in Los Angeles, this October.

    Kris will be 24 and I'll be 23. The main problem we're having at the moment is finding a car rental company that doesn't charge us a rediculous surcharge for being under 25. And we'd both like to drive if possible so that will double any surcharge. The way we're going the car hire will cost us more than the flights!! Does anyone know any car rental companies we could use that have no young driver surcharge or a small one?

    Also, any tips for our road trip? I've only just found this website so haven't had a good look round yet.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your situation requires some extra work. You probably won't find anyone who will rent for much less than a $20 a day for an extra fee. I would really shop around, particularly at some of the regional/smaller companies that may have more flexible policies than the big national chains. I know Fox is a company I've used in California before that had relatively low underage fees.

    Really, if money is an issue, you'll probably have to cut some corners from your ideal trip. Having just one person drive, and doing your trip as a loop instead of doing a one way drop off will both save some noticable money.

    There are lots and lots of other threads with tips about this trip. If you look around, you should have no trouble finding lots of ideas to help you with the details of your trip.

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    Default How much time?

    Hi Laurajane,

    The car rental issue is pretty standard and all you can do is search for the best deals to suit your situation.

    It's a very popular area too visit and here's a thread that covers a lot of ideas in the area.
    Have a look around the forums and in the roadtrip planning pages [above in the green tool bar] to get some ideas, let us know how much time you have and some interests and we can help you piece your trip together.

    October is a great month to visit, the crowds and heat have dropped off and you get some lovely Fall colours in places like Yosemite.

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    Default Alamo Tip for young renters!

    Quote Originally Posted by laurajane View Post
    Does anyone know any car rental companies we could use that have no young driver surcharge or a small one?
    Member Lucinda wrote about an un-advertised program being offered by Alamo that might help you. Click here for more info.


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    For the most part, the 25-year-old requirement is an industry standard. It'll take some sleuthing to find ones that don't, or at least don't charge as much for it.


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    You can try checking with different car rental companies to see if the company that you work for has a corporate account with any of them. Many companies contract corporate accounts with car rental companies, that will lower the minimum age of rental, and often waive the underage fee. Also, for government employees or military personnel, the underage fee is generally waived.

    Good Luck!

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