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    Hi everybody,

    I'm new on this forum and so far I really enjoy it. Anyway. I'm planning on doing a road trip on the Mother Road, this june; I would do it with my aunt and oncle. right now I'm in Chicago, so we would drive the road down Los Angeles. My first question would be about the kind of vehicul we should rent. does anybody know if it's more interesting to rent a car and spot in motel along the way, or rent a camper????
    my only concerne with a camper is to know if there are enought camping or parking for campers along the Road, or is it easier to stop in motel. if anybody allready made the trip I would sure appreciate the tips.

    thank you


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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to RoadTrip America! There are various views on the camper van vs car and motel question but I firmly favour the latter. The prime reason is cost (it is far cheaper to rent a car) but driving a car, to me at least, aways seems to be more versatile as I can park anywhere and everywhere and disappear down random side roads if I fee the urge.

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    Default A personal opinion.

    Hi there,

    There will be no problems either finding Motels or Campgrounds, it really is a lifestyle choice. I am firmly in the R.V.[camper] corner, but we enjoy that lifestyle, so it is definately a personal point of view and only you can decide what is right for you. As Craig pointed out it is a dearer option to rent the R.V, although the more people sharing the cost the smaller the price gap. With 4 of us travelling we find it to be close to breaking even cost wise, and with 6 paying adults the R.V would possibly be cheaper [instead of 3 Motel rooms].
    We have never felt it to be restrictive in our travels and can offer a certain amount of freedom.

    Here is a link to some Pro's and cons.

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    thanks guys

    I really appreciate your answers. I think for the price I'll let my aunt decide, as I will be her guest. :-) hihi
    I did a one week road trip on RV with my parents and sibling in Sweeden, we enjoyed it a lot because it was a new way of traveling for us, but we found out also that it's not always convinient to park in citys!! ;-)
    anyways this is a good start. thank you both of you for your answers. and if anybody else has any other suggestion, be my guest, I'll take everything.


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    Default something to consider

    I will say that to me one of the big attractions of route 66 would be the classic mom and pop motels that still dot many of the towns along the way. If I was to do a trip along this route, I'd want to take advantage of that, thus I would lean against RVs for this particular trip.

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    Default And there are lots of resources to help with that

    One of the best online sites for planning travel along Route 66 would be this one

    RTA also maintains a list of good web resources, you can find it here.

    Forum members with expertise about their travels along Route 66:

    RoadDog -- Fall 2006 (End to End)
    Kixon66: A trip he took with his son

    And a couple of books we recommend:
    Lonely Planet Road Trip: Route 66, by Sara Benson
    Route 66: Quick Reference Encyclopedia, by Drew Knowles
    Route 66 Adventure Handbook: Updated and Expanded Third Edition, by Drew Knowles


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