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    Default two european students looking for ppl to join in summer 2009 road trip

    we're two european studnets planning on visiting the us during summer and we're looking for some other open minded,funny and honest ppl to join us
    we dont yet have proper dates but we were thinking about late june or july we definately want to see as much as we can during our stay there!
    if anyones interested pls email us!

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    Default Good Luck

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    You may have more luck finding people if you can offer a few more details of your plan, especially where you plan to start and finish the trip and how long you hope to be on the road.

    Regardless, we wish you luck finding other travelers.

  3. Default Irish lads

    yea were living in new york for a month in june and then travelling to washington, georgia, orlando, new orleans, el paso, san diego, las vegas, los angeles, grand canyon and finally san francisco and then a flight back to ireland from there.
    were going to rent a RV/camper van job. let me know if your intersted. do u have bebo??

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