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    Default East Coast (FL to NY) September

    Hi guys,

    New to the Forums. Myself and a friend are planning a trip as the title suggests.

    Planning it for mid September, most likely for 2 - 3 weeks. I know that I95 goes pretty much all the way, but with the amount of time we have we really want to explore. We do however have to keep an eye on how much we spend on gas!

    Planning on pre booking accomodation in major cities. (Miami, Orlando, Savannah, Charleston, etc) but at other times just make use of motels.

    Would love to explore some interesting and out of the ordinary roadside attractions.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    I don't think it will be absolutely necessary to prebook all of your city accommodations, unless there are places that you absolutely want to stay.

    Since you're trying to balance your fuel costs on this trip, perhaps you could do a day going 5-8 hours, then staying in the same area and exploring for a couple of days, and then going another 5-8 hours, etc. Depending on where you stay, of course, the lodging costs for each day will most likely outweigh your fuel costs.

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    Mass Tim's suggestion probably will help with fuel savings. And I agree, no need to book in advance unless there's places you REALLY want to stay at. And my guess is if they're really that important, they're probably expensive.

    East coast, there's so much to do. 2-3 weeks, is that for one-way or round trip?

    If it's round trip, I suggest going up the coast on one leg, and then inland on the return leg.

    With as much time as you have, I suggest staying off the interstate. Stick to US1, US601, US17, US13, etc.

    Definitely go up through Hampton Roads, and make sure you cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to the Delmarva Peninsula. Great drive. Scenic. Has a nice pull-off by the first tunnel. Head up the coast through Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware.


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    Thanks guys, apologies for posting in the wrong forum!

    Re. pre booking hotels. My plan is to only book in the major cities, and with my job as a travel agent I can get reduced rates if I do this! (one of the perks of the job) I have planned a rough route on google maps, that sticks closely to the coast, and our longest section is just over 6 hours. Nothing set in stone yet, I was just picking places I'd like to go.

    Also after delving deeper into the boards I came across a great thread with loads of helpful tips.

    This was a complete gold mine, and gave me some ideas about different routes. btw, it's a one way trip, palnning on having at least a 1 night in Miami, 2 nights in Savannah, and 3 nights in NYC.

    This is by no means my first trip to the U.S. (I lived in the Bronx for 6 months) and have travelled extensively throughout the country, but have never done the Carolinas, Virginia, and only been to Savannah for 1 night. On the other hand, the friend I'm travelling with, has only been to Florida!

    Thank you for all your help!


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    Default Glad to help

    The NY-Florida trip seems to be getting more popular around here.

    I'm glad you were able to find that link. With the amount of time you should be able to find Foy's excellent suggestions of great use.

    You could also find some time to explore parts of Maryland and Pennsylvania on your way up to New York. I guess it depends on how much time you want to spend near the ocean!

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