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  1. Default Daytrip or short roadtrip from El Paso?

    So later this month we're going over to do some errands/visit fiance's mother in El Paso, and while we're there and since gas is still cheap, we're thinking of maybe doing some daytrips or a short roadtrip (maybe spend a night somewhere) from El Paso, or maybe on our way back from El Paso to San Antonio, where we live for now.

    so, any suggestions of where to go in late January from the El Paso area? I'm thinking of going to Big Bend and maybe New Mexico, but not sure which specific places to go to. We've already been to Carlsbad and White Sands.

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    Default Pretty hard to beat Big Bend

    Terlingua and the Starlight Theater is a must-stop-and-have-a-meal -- plus there are hotsprings and gorgeous scenic vistas. Here are some more ideas (these were written with RVers in mind, but the work for everyone).

    Overview of Big Bend NP
    A thread about the area from local poster
    Some of those hot springs


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    Big Bend would be close. That area of Texas (although I've never been into the park) is quite scenic, and remote.

    If you're up for the novelty, go to Loving County, to say you were in the least populated county in America (67 or so at last count).


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    Default This web site is a good resource for Texas

    Some of our colleagues created this site and have been gradually expanding it over the last several years. It is an excellent site for locating and visiting little-known places in Texas.


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