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    I just started planning a road trip from MN, to OR, down to CA, and back. I intend to check out vineyards, the Coors brewery, Red Rocks, Anheiser Busch, and anything else I have time for. I have about 3 weeks-month. Can anyone offer any suggestions/tips for something like this. I will be traveling alone, and staying w/ friends along the way, so lodging isn't a factor.

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    One thing I would recommend if you want breweries to be a big part of your trip is to look beyond the mega-breweries like Coors, and A-B and also find some smaller regional and micro-breweries. I've toured several of each, and personally I think the smaller breweries offer a more fun experience, although its worthwhile to see both for comparisons sake.

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    Absolutely agree... I have visited a few now ranging from Guinness and Jack Daniels to the tiny Alaskan Brewing Company place in Juneau. My favourite by far was the latter... look for those wherever possible.

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    Default What kind of tips do you need?

    BrewPubZone has a comprehensive list of micro-breweries worth visiting. We stumbled upon a pretty cool one that almost seemed like a place selling moonshine awhile back. People came in with canning jars to get filled to take home. The beer was good but I'm not a beer expert. If it's a hot day and I'm thirsty, any beer tastes good to me.

    If you're looking for tips for solo travel...Rolling Solo might be helpful.

    If you're looking for specific tips about where to go, what to see, etc. we need to know more about what kinds of things you're interesting in.

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