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    Default San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Grand Cayon and Vegas trip

    Hi all,

    We're planning a September honeymoon trip to the US and are looking for some tips/recommendations. At the moment we are planning on flying into Las Vegas, spend a couple of nights there before flying to San Fancisco for a couple of days. From here we're planning on a couple of vineyard trips before heading down highway one to Los Angeles and San Diego. Then we are planning on driving over to the grand canyon before heading back to Vegas.

    We've got three weeks to make the trip, is this possible? Also are there any key sights to see on the way or make a detor to? I've seen that the interstate is the quickest way from San Diego, but would it be better to take a longer more seanic route and take in some sights along the way?

    Any recommendations for sights, hotels etc would be much appriciated.



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    Default oh the possibilities

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Three weeks is plenty of time, and in fact, I think I would be adding a few things. First of all, flying from LV to SF means you'll be skipping Death Valley, Yosemite, or Sequoia National Parks. Those are some of the real highlights of the region and it would be actually easier just to do them between LV and SF compared to trying to fit them into the rest of your trip.

    Between San Diego and Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree NP is a nice detour worth considering.

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    Thanks for that, we are considering driving from LV to SF, taking in Yosemite and Death Valley but were thinking we didn't have enough time to do these justice.

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    Default Congrats!

    Hi Jon, Congratulations on your up coming wedding, and boy ! what a place to spend your honeymoon.

    I agree with Michael regarding the flight between Vegas and S/F. Not only will you miss so much by flying it will also cost you not only the flights but also a one way drop off fee for a car rental. With 3 weeks you have plenty of time to explore the area and Death valley and Yosemite are two places you do not want to miss.
    You might also want to consider visiting the wonderful parks in Utah, such as Zion and Bryce canyon, just a few hours from Vegas.

    Here's a good list of ideas in the area to get you started.

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    Jon, Just read your thread & thought I'd join in with our recent experiences. Unfortunately there are so many places to go & see that you'll be spoilt for choice but I thought I'd give you the 'heads up' on a couple that we enjoyed.

    Vegas - Full on, in your face, 24/7. OK if you like that sort of thing but after 48 hours I have to say we'd had enough. Just a half hour drive away we stayed at the Boulder Dam Hotel, in Boulder, and from there flew over the Dam & into the Grand Canyon, a fantastic experience & one I'd definitely recommend. You can rent out boats or Jet bikes on lake Mead if you have the time, great fun.

    Death Valley - Make sure you include at least one night stay here, we stayed at Stovepipe Wells Village and found it to be ok, nothing fancy but very pleasant, especially the nearby sand dunes at sunset. If you're on your Honeymoon make sure to go out & view the night sky, absolutely stunning, I'd never seen stars like it.

    Yosemite - We stayed in a log Cabin for 2 nights. BBQ on the rear deck, along with our own hot tub, and were fortunate to watch a Deer & its fawn strolling by. How romantic is that?

    Lastly, if you do go to Yosemite, you might want to make your way from there towards Sacramento via the 49 (not too sure of the road designations but you can easily find it in, and make a slight detour off the main road to a small town called Murphy's. There's a hotel there called Murphy's which we stayed at & had dinner & beakfast in the garden, very pleasant. I see you mentioned Wine so I guess the thing that will attract you there are the number of Wineries in the area. We were directed down a little road to one called 'Ironstone' where we took the free tour. Not a wine drinker myself but I have to say it was very interesting & so beautiful. See it here.

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    Hi CharlieB,

    Sounds like you had a great trip! I was wondering where you stayed in Yosemite, and did you have to book in advance? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by georgia1 View Post
    Hi CharlieB,

    Sounds like you had a great trip! I was wondering where you stayed in Yosemite, and did you have to book in advance? Thanks

    We rented a large cabin (3 bedrooms & 3 baths) in 'The Redwoods in Yosemite' and did book way in advance, about 10 months or so. I did so because they do say that these type of places get booked up quite early and as there were 6 of us I wanted to make sure we got what we wanted, and not just what we could get. Having now 'done' Yosemite the only down side of these Cabins is that they're about an hour drive to the Valley & Glacier Point, not too far really but remember its an hour of winding mountainous road. There do seem to be a few such places around there and a quick Google will soon find them.

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    Default Welcome.

    Quote Originally Posted by georgia1 View Post
    Hi CharlieB,

    Sounds like you had a great trip! I was wondering where you stayed in Yosemite, and did you have to book in advance? Thanks
    Hi georgia, welcome to the R.T.A. forums.

    Places in and around Yosemite can get booked up very early depending on when you are planning to travel.
    You can find lodgings in the park here and although I haven't stayed there I have heard good reports about the Yosemite Bug if you don't mind a rustic feel.

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