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    Hi, I'm new here and I was hoping some of you might be able to give me some advice. This summer I am planning a trip from Boston to San Diego during the last two weeks of July. It's not a definite plan, but I really want it to happen so I've already started making plans.

    Three of us will be traveling on a really low budget so I was hoping someone might be able to give me some good suggestions for traveling cheaply. The trip is about 3050 miles each way and I'm giving us 3-4 days to get to San Diego, stay there 3 days and then head home. (I would love to spend more time on the road but work my job isn't too flexible outside of what I'll be taking off for the trip.) I've gone down the East Coast but I've never gone West and I'm not sure what to expect other than a great trip.

    If anyone could give me some budget travel options I would love to hear them. I'm willing (and want to) camp out on my way over versus staying in a hotel. But since gas prices will probably go up again I'm concerned we will not have enough money for food if we have $1500 between us. Please let me know if you guys have any input. It would be greatly appreciated!


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    Default Not enough time or money

    Quote Originally Posted by unclebuck66 View Post
    The trip is about 3050 miles each way
    Even with three drivers you need to allow 10 days driving time to cover the route by the shortest possible distance. What about limiting the trip to the Colorado Rockies and then a return? I don't think you can really travel that far on that budget. Minimum budget for a 14 day trip for three people -- even with eating out of coolers and camping would be $2100.

    Here are some budgeting tips , here and here are some more ideas.


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    As Mark said, there is absolutely no way you can do that in 3/4 days. Even professional drivers will not attempt that in less than 6 days.

    The greatest risk factors to becoming a road statistic are speed and fatigue. And after a couple of days, you will be tempted to do the former, and not having had any decent sleep, be prone to the latter.

    In 2004 I did that trip, San Diego to Boston, in 10 days, and it was full on, in the car almost all day everyday.

    And you have not even factored in hold ups... accident up ahead; road construction; car problems; etc. can add hours to your journey.

    Lifey who is a retired professional driver

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    Thanks guys I really appreciate your help. It was going to be my first long road trip so I didn't quite know what to expect. I was basing my drive off my drive down the coast which I managed to do within a day and a half. Also the mapquest said it'd take about 47 hours to get to San Diego. It's great to know differently now, though! Feel free to leave any other comments or suggestions.

    Thanks again!

    -Uncle Buck

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    That's about right - Microsoft S&T says 44 hours. However, those are hours with the wheels turning at the speed limit. They do not account for any stops of any kind (fuel, food, potty, leg stretching) or any traffic, weather, or construction delays.

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