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  1. Default Roadtrip California and Nevada in february

    Hi there,
    my and my family are planning a roadtrip in february...
    We will rent a motorhome and want to start our trip in Los Angeles. We only have 8 days and we want to see a lot?! :) next to San Diego and from there to the Grand Canyon maybe through Phoenix? Then we want to drive to Las Vegas and then back to San Francisco...
    Do you think we could make that in only 8 days? and where could we stop?
    thanks for your ideas

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    Default Nice time of year

    Quote Originally Posted by italiangi View Post
    Hi there,
    my and my family are planning a roadtrip in february...
    One of the challenges you will face is that most of the passes through the Sierra Nevada mountains will still be closed from snow and so you will have to drive some longer stretches. If you are interested in having a professional RV outfitter help with the planning -- this company is the very best in the business.
    Do you think we could make that in only 8 days?
    Probably, but you will need to do some zigzagging -- here is a round trip RV trip from San Francisco (you won't be able to duplicate all of it, because the Tioga Pass will be closed) but it should give you some ideas.

    Here is some information about RV rentals and camping options and boondocking information.


  3. Default I need heeeeeeeelp :) roadtrip cali&nevada

    Hi there,
    so my family and I are planning our roadtrip in the beginning of february...
    we only have 7 days!!! We wanted to start in Los Angeles and then we planned to go to San Diego from there over Sedona and Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon (monument valley?) from there to Las Vegas and over death valley back close to LA to drive to San Fran road nr1....
    OOOk sooo we are going to have a pretty big RV soo we probably need more time driving and we probably won't be able to see all those places....
    so does somebody have special short(?:)) routes or which places aren't too bad not to see??? (san diego?)
    I really need help pleaaaaaaase :D
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    Default Tough choices.

    Hi there,
    You really need to decide one way or another and enjoy what you do see, instead of just driving past a "wish list", 7 days isn't enough to do it all.
    The area you are trying to cover is vast.

    L/A and S/D [2days]> Sedona and G/C [2days]> L/V/ Death valley[2days]> L/A [1day]. That is with relatively short stops to see each place and your week has gone.

    The other option would be the coast and possibly Yosemite Valley. To travel the coast road in 30ft R.V. will be slow going and to enjoy the drive and have a little time in S/D, L/A and S/F should take 4- 5 days to enjoy, leaving you a couple of days or so to cut across to Yosemite.

    With the time you have and looking at the time spent in Citys it might be worth reconsidering whether the R.V. is the best option for you.

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