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    Default Hello!!! New Member here planning a trip

    Great site, great forum!!! My compliments!

    I'm an avid "RoadTripper"...most of which is done on a motorcycle with a halfdozen friends. My average trip is 4-5000 miles and typically lasts 10 days leaving enough time to see quite a bit.

    My favorite so far....Twice I've made the run on US80 and US180 from Tybee Island, GA to Tombstone, AZ then to Grand Canyon and back. I love the trip and the type of roads, climate, terrain, etc but I'm tired of the route.

    I've done alot of road trips everywhere but I'm honestly just out of ideas and I would love your help is anyone is kind enough to jump in.

    It will be early to mid summer (May-July), needs to last 10 days or so, and no more than around 4500 miles (from Atlanta). I'm thinking head toward Cody, WY or along the east coast. I like plains as well as mountains, love ghost towns (real...not hollywood type stuff), hole in the wall diners and dives (hate chain restaurants), and require no more than 180 miles between available fuel stops.

    Again, please...any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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    Default What about a Great Lakes Circuit?

    Quote Originally Posted by kevinb1450 View Post
    I'm an avid "RoadTripper"...most of which is done on a motorcycle
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! With those parameters, what about doing a Great Lakes circuit. Here is one such thread to consider....also by motorcycle.

    Alternatively, here is one between Atlanta and New Jersey.


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    Thanks for the links!...a Great Lakes tour is actually a Great Idea. I have a close friend that lives just on the Sinclair River in Port Lambton, ON. I could pick him up on the way through and stay there a day or so. I knew somebody could offer a fresh idea :)

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