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    Default No Airconditioning?

    So, my boyfriend and I are planning on driving from Vancouver, Canada to Las Vegas on the last weekend of May, and back again two weeks later.

    The route i'm looking at is heading down via Boise Idaho, then down the 93. Returning possibly via LA and back up the I5.

    ...I drive a little Ford Focus hatchback with no airconditioning. I've driven in fairly extreme heat during the summer (the interior of British Columbia is a temperate desert and gets up into the low 100's in the summer) but haven't done a full 10 - 12 hour drive in that kind of heat, and was wondering if anyone has any advice?

    Thanks! Diamond Minx

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    Default tolerances

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It sounds like you are in an "it is what it is" situation. You are traveling in May, so its entirely possible that you won't be seeing extreme heat (although it is certainly possible that you will), but even if you do, its not like you would necessarily be in the oven for your entire trip, or even an entire day. The nice thing about this trip is that you'll be traveling through a number of different climate zones and elevations, so even if things are on the hot side, you'll probably see something different a few hours down the road.

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    Hey Diamond,
    One way to make your trip more temperate is to drive I5 into California and then cut across. You are close enough to the coast, in valleys and through mountains that the temps will be more moderate. Of course May is not as bad as July for the route you're thinking of. You might choose the I5 route for the return as temps start rising near June.

    As for the A/C, last June my son and I completed a run out Route 66 and back via interstates in an old Chevy with no A/C. It is definitely doable, just pack plenty of water for the road. Many of us survived the days when cars without A/C were the norm. You will too.


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    Default Thanks!

    Yes, I'm thinking the I5 route is best on the way back, but i've driven up and down the coast a couple times before, and would like to see a bit different route on the way down, so that's why i'm thinking Highway 93.

    We're going to try to do the drive in two days, so there won't be much time for sightseeing, but it sounds like the scenery is lovely along there.

    We're also mulling the possibility of passing via Salt Lake City. :) I'm just having fun researching the options right now!

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    Default 2260 Kms in two days?

    Quote Originally Posted by Diamond Minx View Post
    We're going to try to do the drive in two days, so there won't be much time for sightseeing,
    Um, the fastest you can expect to cover this distance is 25 hours of travel. Are you sure that you are able to sustain driving non-stop for two entire days? What you are suggesting is both unrealistic and dangerous. You need to allow three full days of driving at a minimum, so you can get a few hours of rest every day.


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    If you are going to do a 2 day speed run (NOT recommended as already said) drive at night when the lack of A/C won't be as tiring.

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    In September 2001, I did this same trip. This was just after the attack on NYC. The hold up at the border was more than an hour.

    The first day I made it to Reno. I had to make it to Reno. 1100km. The most I have ever driven in a day, and am not in a hurry to do that again.

    My route was I-5 to Mt Shasta, then 89, 44, 395. Having left Vancouver before 6am, I arrived in Reno just before 5pm.

    The next day I rested, before taking another day to drive to Beatty (including a 4hrs hold up in the desert) and then on to Vegas.

    Lifey who has fond memories of that trip

    p.s. I do not have a conversion chart for the distance

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    Default yup. done REALLY long drives before

    I know it's a lot of driving in a short span however, I spent three weeks on the road last summer driving from Toronto to Vancouver Island, and we did a 22 hour straight drive (with three drivers) between Toronto and Winnipeg. I've also done many 10 - 14 hour weekend drives in the past. I'm not looking forward to two 12+ hour days driving, but it's do-able.

    Maybe we'll leave the night before and stay with friends in Seattle to make the border crossing less of an issue - yes, it's a PAIN! Last time I crossed it was an hour's wait at 9am on a Saturday.

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    Default Take more time

    Since you're already in a fatiguing situation - driving in the heat without air conditioning - adding the stress of trying to make a destination in two days isn't going to help. You have enough time to stretch out this leg of the trip, and there' really no reason not to do so. Is there anything so pressing that you absolutely have to get there in two days... then spend most of the third day recovering?

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    Default What is the best route?

    Hi all! Still working out my plans for a road trip from Vancouver, BC to Vegas (and back through LA, San Fran, and back up the I5 afterwards) at the beginning of June.

    I'm just evaluating my options for the route on the way down.

    I'd been looking at doing Vancouver/Seattle/Boise/Twin Falls, and down the 95 to Vegas.

    I'm now looking to see if there are any other routes that might be more interesting, considering the 95 from Twin Falls to Wells seems pretty desolate.

    Perhaps Vancouver/Eugene/Reno/Vegas?

    Any suggestions?
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