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Thread: East or West?

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    Default East or West?

    Hey Guys... How's it going? I'm planning a road trip to the States this May and am in a complete quandry! I have about 2.5 weeks and cannot make up my mind whether to do, say, Washington DC out to Shenandoah, into Virginia and the Carolina's... or a straight coast route down to, say, Florida... or to go out West and do 101 (or a part of it) long with some desert, grand canyon etc...

    What do you think??????

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    Default East to West?

    If you are unsure you could always do a cross county trip in the time you have. Welcome to the R.T.A. forums !

    There is no right or wrong answer to this one, it really just depends on yourself and what you are looking for from the trip.
    Have a search of the forums and a look at the Roadtrip planning pages for some inspiration and ideas.

    I am from the U.K. and if you are looking for diversity and great scenic wonders of the like we don't get here, then I can't recommend the SouthWest enough, the Cali coast and Sierra's to the Deserts and National parks of Arizona, Nevada and Utah are incredible.

    Once you have got some ideas put together we can help you piece a trip together. If you have any more questions just ask.


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    Default chicken or fish?

    I'm very much in agreement with Dave, this is a question where there is no right answer, it depends totally on what you are looking for out of your trip. Its kind of like asking someone else what you should order at a restaurant, when they don't know what your tastes are.

    I will say that if you really can't decide, then a cross country trip could be ideal. That would be a bit like ordering a "sampler" where you could get a little taste of a lot of different regions, and then you'll also have a better idea of where to focus your energy and explore more in-depth should you take another trip.

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    Default See you love mountains.

    The American Rockies take some beating when it comes to mountain scenery and activities. The national parks, access and facilities are first class and an experience you will never forget.

    If you want a nudge go West – I’m sure in time you will get to see the East another time.

    For example – fly into Seattle and wander south – take your pick:

    Mt Rainer, St Helens, across to Montana, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Tetons NP, Rocky Mountain NP, Arches NP, Bryce Canyon NP, Zion NP, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Sequoia NP, Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, Yosemite NP – good place to rent a bicycle.

    It would increase the expense but if you can fly out of SFO, LAX or LAS which ever suits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eris View Post
    For example – fly into Seattle and wander south – take your pick:

    Mt Rainer, St Helens, .....................
    Easier said than done!!

    Been in WA half a dozen times now, for days at a time, and am still waiting for the rain to stop, so that I can go see Mt St Helens.

    Lifey whose luck runs out when she gets to the North West

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    Default What interests you the most?

    It all depends on whether you want to stick with the smaller mountains of the East or the majestic, high altitude mountains of the West. Do you like to be in areas where many people are, or are you searching for more solitude? The East coast is heavily populated, the West, not so much (with exceptions given, of course, for major metros such as Los Angeles).

    Now, with 2 1/2 weeks (17-18 days), you've got time to see Washington, DC, parts of the Appalachians (3-4 days), head West along a Southern route (5 days), go up the West coast for a couple of days, and then head back along a Northern route (5 days).

    It all depends on how much driving you want to do versus sightseeing, etc.

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    If you want a nudge go West – I’m sure in time you will get to see the East another time.
    That... is precisely the nudge I needed. Jeepers, the country is so vast with impossible choices to make! That's why I needed someone to make it for me... thanks. Seattle and South it is then!

    Cheers guys! Brilliant.
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