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    Hi All!

    I was doing some research for my upcoming road trip and I had a horrible thought when I looked at the Hoover Damn's tour information I realized that there are no pets allowed.

    Hoover Dam info

    I'm not crazy about leaving the dog alone in the car for anything more than 5 minutes and when the vehicle will be within sight. Leaving doggie in the car for 1-2 hours in a parking structure is out of the question.

    Upon further research, I also found that the Grand Canyon has a kennel and does allow dogs in the park above the rim, just not in the buildings or below the rim - which is fine, I really didn't plan to do more than walk around and take in the view anyway.

    So, with that being said, feel free to move this post if it is mis-placed under Summer Planning because it may apply to any time of year. Also, if anyone has anything to add on traveling with pets...I guess it was naive but I thought anywhere outdoors would be fine, but obviously that's not the case and I'm glad I checked or I would have gone pretty far out of my way for nothing.
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    Default an added dimention

    You are very correct that you can not just assume that your pet will be welcome anywhere outdoors. In fact, most national parks have some pretty strong restrictions about pets. National Forest lands and State Parks can often be a better choice if you are traveling with pets.

    For more information about traveling with pets, check out this article from our planning section.

  3. Default Exactly what I was looking for!

    Thanks Michael and Mark (Mark for writing the article, Michael for the link). That answered all of my questions.

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