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  1. Default Driving NY to LA alone - need advice

    Happy New Year! I will be driving out to LA from NY for work either next week or the week after. Am I crazy for making the adventure alone? Any suggestions as to the quickest and most direct route? How many hours per day would you suggest driving? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    No, you are not crazy at all. Plan on 5 full days of driving. This will be about 10 hours on the road barring weather or other delays, stopping only for lunch, gas, and potty. Being on the road any longer than that can start impacting on safety, I draw my absolute limit at 12 hours. I would pad another day or two into the plans for contingencies.

    Fastest route, weather permitting:

    I-80 all the way to I-76 in SW NE, to I-70 to I-15 to I-10. Suggested overnight stops around Toledo, Des Moines, Denver, and Richfield, UT.

    A more southerly route which *might* be a bit better weather-wise and is almost as fast (less than 1 hour longer) in ideal conditions:

    NJ TPK to PA TPK to I-70, I-44 to I-40 to I-15 to I-10. Stops would be Columbus, Springfield MO, Amarillo, and Gallup NM.

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    thanks glc...your response is very helpful! Happy new year...

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