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    Default Irish-American Roadtrip

    In mid-January, we're hitting the road on what we are dubbing our Irish-American Roadtrip, a drive from Milwaukee to Los Angeles. We'll be podcasting and blogging the all-things-Irish-American journey for an entire month.

    We could use your help in finding stops we should include in our itinerary...which will be a zig-zag route that roughly follows Route 66.

    We're open to all kinds of long as they tie to something Irish or Irish-American, be it history, traditions, entrepreneurs, pubs, hotels, great Irish-Americans...hauntings. The most appropriate and interesting suggestions will make it on our to-do list.

    Thank you in advance for your help...and I should warn you, if you're on our route, we might just stop in for a cup of tea or pint of ale ;)

    Corey & Liam
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    Default Irish, Irish Everywhere

    Corey & Liam,

    It's very easy to find a wee bit o' the Irish in virtually every American town and city. Here in Las Vegas there are 9 or 10 (depending on the definition of such a place) Irish pubs.

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    Default There'll be a few pubs on the list

    Mark - I'm finding your comment true...maybe we should go for a real challenge and try to find towns without an Irish pubs.

    We've gotten some great suggestions so far...giant shamrocks, founding fathers, Irish oatmeal soap, monuments and of course lots of pubs. It's all very interesting.


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    hi corey and liam
    yere trip sounds very like what a friend and i are planning this july going sanfran to east coast (dont know where we'll finish up only beginning planning), friend american, me irish so sounds like loads fun finding all irish-american things, would love to hear feedback from yere trip

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    Default Coast to Coast

    Irish - yours is a REAL cross-country roadtrip. The trip would be an adventure even without the Irish theme, but that also adds a little something extra.

    I'm finding large, active and welcoming Irish-American communities in Phoenix, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Dublin OH...of course I'm at no loss for finding sites in smaller communities as well.

    Be sure to let me know if you find a few gems in your planning. I'll keep you posted on my end.


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