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  1. Default Roadtrip from Connecticut to Colorado, Jan. 2009

    My boyfriend and I are in desperate need of an adventure, and decided to hit the road and visit some friends in Colorado this January. We hope to leave in about a week and a half, and I stumbled upon this website hoping to get more authentic advice than mapquest has to offer me!

    We would be traveling from Connecticut to Colorado- and are incredibly open minded, and would love to take a more scenic route as opposed to the most direct one. Specifically, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for cheap places to stay/attractions to check out this time of the year, as well as fun things to do along the way for people our age, early 20's.
    Any other advice/tips are warmly welcomed, thank you!

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    Slightly scenic, would be to take I-84 west to Scranton, PA, south on I-81 to I-76. Take I-76 west. Pretty scenic. You can stop in Brownsville and see the Nemacolin Castle.

    I would suggest after getting into WV, take US 40 as much as you can if you have the time (it parrallels I-70 most of the way to Colorado). You can see the oldest suspension bridge in the world in Wheeling, WV (on US 40). In Wheeling, you can also, if interested, stop at the casino on Wheeling Island (also the name of the casino).

    West on US 40, you can see the history "Y Bridge" in Zanesville.

    Continue I-70 west, go through St. Louis and see the Gateway Arch. Once in Kansas, it's quite scenic. Really don't know what is through there on the way to CO (not sure where in Colorado you're going, so not sure which way to recommend).


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    Not sure where you are headed in Colorado but if you get a chance go through Durango up to Silverton. It is a gorgeous drive and Silverton is a beautiful Victorian village. I went through there when I was 19 and was very impressed.
    It is on my "list" to go back to.
    Have an awesome trip.

  4. Default Denver

    We are headed to Denver, Colorado. Thank you so much for the quick feedback, we will be sure to include your suggestions in our travel plans. Now, I'm getting excited! Keep em' coming :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by phaedra125 View Post
    Not sure where you are headed in Colorado but if you get a chance go through Durango up to Silverton. It is a gorgeous drive and Silverton is a beautiful Victorian village.
    Or take the narrow gauge railway from Durango to Silverton. It is something to experience. In May 2007 it was hot when we left Durang and snowing when we got to Silverton.

    Return journey can be done by bus, but I would recommend train both ways.

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    Default A couple more ideas.

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums.

    If you are feeling a little adventurous how about a trip to the top of Pikes peak.

    Nearby you have the Rocky N.P. and here's a link to the Million dollar highway that covers the area mentioned by the previous posters that would take you past the Black canyon of the Gunnison. However it should be said this is more than a day trip if you are based in Denver.

    You could pamper yourself and join the likes of outlaws Frank and Jesse James, John Denver and Clint Eastwood in the visitors list at Indian springs

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