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  1. Default Month Road Trip Viewing America's coasts.. Starting & Ending in NY.. Rental Options?


    I've come across this website while planning a road trip around the United States in June. The trip I am planning will start in New York (The Upstate Area) and will go down to Florida, Across the Southern States to California, Up the West Coast to Seattle, Through the West making a few stops at National Parks (Glacier National Park & Yellowstone) before returning to New York. I am 21 years old and will be traveling with at least one friend, possibly up to four. I am thinking that renting a car would be the most reliable method of traveling but was unsure if anyone had any advice as to the options that I may have in doing so. I may be going with someone who is 25, would it be possible for him to rent the car and allow others to drive it as well who are not 25? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


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    If you've got a 25 year old driver and they are willing to do all of the driving, then that would be your cheapest option. Otherwise, you're going to be looking at extra fees for each and every person under age 25 who would be driving.

    Only people who are named on the rental contract can drive the car. Having other people drive it would void your contract, thus basically resulting in driving a stolen car - which also generally would invalidate any insurance you might have. The big point, if you were to be involved in even a minor fender bender or a traffic stop with an unauthorized driver, you'd find yourself in a whole world of problems.

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