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    My Wife, My Daughters (1 & 3) and I are heading to Cheyenne Frontier Days in July. I am looking for things to do along the route from Atlanta to Cheyenne. Also once in Cheyenne we will be there about a week, and I would like to find some day trips that the Family and I could do. I really think the Oregon Trail ruts woudl be a neat thing to see. Does anybody have any ideas?

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    How much time are you planning on spending on the road between Atlanta and Cheyenne? And how much time overall do you have for this trip?

    Have you or your wife ever taken your daughters on a long road trip before? How about just you and your wife? Traveling with young children has its own unique set of circumstances versus other types of road trips. We do have some tips for traveling with children on this page as well as on this page.

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    We have travled with the girls a few times, but not more then 6-7 hours. We will have about 10-12 days for the entire trip, would like to spend 5-6 nights in Cheyenne.

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    Taking 3 days each way will involve 500 miles a day - are you and the family up for that? This is at least 10 hours a day on the road taking Interstate highways with minimal stops (gas, food, potty) without considering sightseeing or recreation. If it were just you and your wife, I'd say no problem but with 2 kids that age, you may want to examine things a bit closer.

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    Take 4 days each way. That bumps you down to 360 miles a day. Which, with interstate driving would be roughly 5 to 6 hours a day at full-speed. Plenty of time to take breaks. See the sights. Just get out of the car, etc.

    And if things do well, just get there a little earlier.

    Just my recommendation.


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