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  1. Default Buffalo, NY to Tampa, via Washington, DC on January 09 trip

    Hi everyone
    I am planning to drive from Buffalo, NY back to Tampa, FL the 5th of january
    with my two kids. (6 and 10).
    So far we planned to stop at the Hershey factory (no wonder why...)
    and in Washington DC.
    Being Italian ... going from Washington, DC to Florida it's a mystery!
    I would use I-95 as I also need some speed to get back to work by the 9th.
    We are going to stop in Hotels that possibly have a pool, for the kids.
    What route? Where to stop? What is to see?
    These are my 3 questions for you guys expert of the East Coast road trip.
    Thx for any suggestion and help

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    Default Not Nearly Enough Time

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    According to your post, you have only 4 days to travel around 2,500 miles. That is over 600 miles a day! I'm sorry but that is simply not going to work, even if all you tried to do was to drive down to Tampa and back, let alone try to stop anywhere. There is just no point to making this trip in the time frame you've listed.

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    Default One-way trip?

    I read your post a couple of times to make sure I have it clear - this is a one-way trip from Buffalo to Tampa, correct? You're not heading back to Buffalo at the end of the trip - most likely returning from visiting someone there?

    If that is the case, this is still a trip of about 1350 miles with at least two planned stops on the way. Sticking to the Interstates, especially at this time of year, will definitely help you to reach your goals. I would search hotels in those areas for ones with indoor pools.

    You could split this up into the following:
    1/5/09 - Buffalo to Hershey, 300 miles, about 6 hours on the road. Then you can explore the town and find a place to stay on the I-83 corridor.

    1/6/09 - Hershey to Washington, DC is only 130 miles. Chances are you'll be staying South of Hershey so the drive would be even less. That gives you a full day in Washington, DC. Then finding another place to stay South of town shouldn't be too hard on I-95.

    The next two legs don't give you a lot of time to stop, but neither are they out of the realm of possibility. There won't be a lot of time for daylight sightseeing, unfortunately.

    1/7/09 - Washington, DC to Augusta, GA - 550 miles, 10 hours
    1/8/09 - Augusta to Tampa - 450 miles, 9 hours

    1/9/09 - Back to work!

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    Hi AZBuck
    I am sorry if i was not clear but I am not going back to Buffalo, NY

    It's just:

    Buffalo, NY - Hershey Town (NJ) - Washington, DC (capitol) - Tampa, FL (where i work)

    Yes Mass Tim you are correct! I am in Buffalo just for Holidays.
    Augusta , GA sound good is there anything special for kids?
    I also may be able to extend it to the 10th especially if the weather is bad.
    so i am considering the first part as you said, then 3 days trip.
    anything good to see?

    thx both!

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    Default Hershey Town, NJ?

    I was under the impression when you said "Hershey factory" that you were going to Hershey, PA. What is in Hershey Town, NJ (for that matter, where is that town)?

    Anyway, I'm going to stick with the assumption you mean Hershey, PA. As far as touring the factory - Hershey doesn't actually have a tour of the real facility. Instead, they've set up a simulation.

    If you can get an extra day to do this trip, by all means do it! That will definitely help if you want to do a little more sightseeing along the way. With this schedule, it would break the last three days into quite manageable 330-350 mile days.

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