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  1. Default Amarillo,Texas to Las Cruces, New Mexico

    First, thank you all for maintaining this great forum. My husband and I are retiring in February and will be driving from Boston to Tucson at the beginning of March. We have found some really wonderful information on this forum to help us plan for the trip. We have our primary route planned (with backups, as many posts recommended, in case of weather problems), which will take us to Amarillo, Texas on I-40.

    I know we can continue on to Albuquerque and down I-25 to I-10, but was wondering about U.S. 60 and 70 through Portales, Roswell and Alamogordo. Would that route be more scenic? How about driving conditions on 60 and 70? I'm sure parts of either route will have snow in early March. Thanks for any advice.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    When I moved out here from New England, that's the way I came, southwest from Amarillo on US-60 and US-70. Between Amarillo and Roswell, this crosses mostly high plains ranches and farms. Then it gets truly interesting for a while traversing the Capitan and Sacramento Mountains to Alomogordo. Through here you'll be in the Mescalero Apache lands and passing the home of some of the best quarter horse racing in the country. Then it's out into the Rio Grande valley and White Sands National Monument. I certainly enjoyed the drive, even though I was pulling a trailer behind me, and I would think you will as well.


  3. Default Amarillo to Las Cruces

    Thanks for the reply. I'm sure we will enjoy the trip either way we go, but we would like to mix in a few off-interstate routes where we can.

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    Default Route 66

    Get on the Mother Road whenever you can. You can pick it up on I-40 from Oklahoma City.

    The nice thing is that it runs alongside the interstates much of the time for easy on-off. It's a slice of Americana from a time gone by.

  5. Default Amarillo to Las Cruces

    We definitely plan to see as much as we can of Route 66. We'll be heading back to Boston in May and then will be going out again next fall. So we hope to check out a few different routes, especially when the weather is a little better.

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    I've been that route a number of times in an 18 wheeler. It is much shorter than following I 40 to I 25. Except for a few short stretches around Ruidoso NM and the bypass at Roswell, its all 4 lane. There are a few small towns but traffic was never a problem.

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    Don't forget, if you'll be near Roswell then you'll be near Carlsbad Caverns. Also I found the drive on the I-82 through Cloudcroft and the Lincoln National Forest was very scenic.

  8. Default Roswell to Carlsbad

    Thanks for the replies, guys. I looked at the map again -- I had forgotten how close Roswell is to Carlsbad. About 25 years ago I did a short bike trip around the Carlsbad Caverns area and always wanted to go back. Looks like this would be a good chance to do it.

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    Default Coronado Trail

    Almost by accident did I take this road which runs between Springerville and Morenci in eastern Arizona. It was marked a scenic route, so I took it. Well, it was scenic alright.

    If you are OK with mountain driving, I can highly recommend it. But if heights frighten you, I guess you better not.

    Could be a bit dicey, even up to May. In that extremely hot summer of 2001 there was still a trace of snow under some of the pine trees near Hannagan. And that was August!

    On your fall trip, I guess it would be just great.

  10. Default Coronado Trail

    Thanks, Lifemagician. Sounds like I'll avoid that route.

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