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  1. Default Daytona/Memphis/ Boulder, CO

    Suggested routes from experienced road traveler appreciated. First time user of this forum.

    What points of interest await me between these destinations? Already familiar with cities mentioned in title. Should I write in complete sentences or condensed phrases?

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    Hi Jay,
    From Memphis I would head to southern CO and the Great Sand Dunes NP. This NP is worth a visit before it gets over-run with tourists. Spectacular Dunes at an elevation of around 8000'.
    Turn off highway 25 at Walsenburg, and head west along route 160 to 150, and on to the NP.
    On the way there you will also see the sign to Zapata Falls, and the Zapata Lake Trail - worth a visit, but be prepared to get wet feet on the way to the falls.
    From the Dunes, take the inland route to Boulder. Highway 285 is best here.
    If you are at all interested in nature and the spectacular country around there, you will love it. Make sure you leave lots of time to learn about the history along the way.
    When I travel the US, I always prefer to travel off the Interstate Highways. It is amazing the sights one stumbles upon, that are not even on the tourist brochures. And of course, you get to talk to the locals in the cafes and shops. Nothing like the locals to make sure you do not miss anything worthwhile.
    It is slower.... but so much more memorable!
    Lifey who is not even an American

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