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    Hey everyone, new to the forum.

    I'm doing a solo shot from Detroit, MI to Las Vegas NV starting on the 27th of Dec.

    I want to arrive in Vegas on the 30th or 31st to visit my friend for new year's. Then I'm continuing on to San Diego for the winter.

    Looking at the weather it looks like it's going to be fairly good. I'm wondering what route I should take? I wanted to avoid mountains and winter snow conditions, so I was thinking of the southerly route. How is I-40?

    Or, are there other options I can take? What's the best way to plan this out? I've never done this before. What are good cities/hotels to stay at on the way there?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Certainly, I-94 to Chicago and then I-55/I-44/I-40 is one very good way to get to Las Vegas. It's only about 160 miles longer than the shortest possible Interstate route on I-70 through Colorado and does get you a bit farther south a bit sooner. However, that is no guarantee of good weather. I-40 across New Mexico and Arizona is mostly above 4000 feet and subject to its own snow and ice storms. Still, you could make the drive to Las Vegas comfortably in 4 days of driving about 550 miles a day and still have a day in reserve in case the weather turned nasty for a time on your drive. On the up side, if you get to Arizona and the weather looks good you can spend that day at the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest and other scenic and historic venues nearby. Given the time of year you'll be driving and the vagaries of the weather so far this year, I'd probably just play if by ear on places to stop, laying up for the night when you're body or the weather demands it.


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    Thanks for the reply! Didn't realize that I-40 was so high. I guess you can't avoid it though? I guess you'd have to go even further south.

    How about I - 75 south and then hitting Nashville, then getting on I-40?

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    Default It's Texas, New Mexico and Arizona

    Quote Originally Posted by hgsouth View Post
    How about I - 75 south and then hitting Nashville, then getting on I-40?
    The section of I-40 that is subject to ice storms and snow is in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona -- going to Nashville on I-75 doesn't change that geographic fact in any way....


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    You are looking at about a 2400 mile drive, which can be done in 4 full days.

    For what it's worth, here's my recommendation:

    Get to Indianapolis by your choice of routes. US-24 from Toledo to Ft. Wayne is shortest but not necessarily fastest. Take I-70/I-44/I-40 from there. Take I-25 south out of Albuquerque to Hatch, then NM-26 to Deming. Pick up I-10 to I-8. Overnight stops would be west of St. Louis, somewhere between OKC and Amarillo, and in Deming.

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