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  1. Default Safest drive from Everett WA to Las Vegas Nevada, and back

    Taking a roadtrip for the first time leaving Dec. 24th from Everett Washington, traveling to Las Vegas Nevada for the holidays. What is the safest route to take, as well as the shortest travel time (if possible)? Specific directions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

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    Default 3 options.

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I always cringe when we get the "what is the safest route" question, as if one highway will magically be safer than another. The interstate system is built so all highways are of the same standards, which makes all of them some of the safest roads in the world. Driver behavior is far more important than a choice of route when it comes to safety.

    The easiest route would likely be to take I-82 and I-84 to Utah, and then I-15 down to Vegas.

    Two other reasonable options would include taking US-93 from Twin Falls, ID south through the deserts of Eastern Nevada. This is a very scenic route, but it goes through some very remote territory.

    Taking I-5 all the way to near Bakersfield, and then cutting east via CA-58 and I-15 would also be a decent option, although its about 70 farther than going via Salt Lake City.

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    According to my mapping program, fastest route is I-90 to I-82 to I-84 to I-15. 1275 miles, 18.5 hours on the road with no stops whatsoever. Check the weather and the conditions of the mountain passes before you leave.

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    Default Safest?

    Hi there,

    I am thinking that you might be referring to weather/road conditions in Dec when you say safest? If so there is no way of knowing what the weather will bring at the time of you leaving but Michael has given you three options to work with so I would check the forecasts prior to leaving and go with your best option from there.

    For the quickest option given above I would allow a min of 22 hours in good conditions which are 2 very long days and with winter conditions if you have 3 days to do this journey it will be better.

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    Thanks everyone!!! I appreciate the advice! Happy Holidays : )

  6. Default Seattle WA to Vegas

    With the extreme wintry weather conditions, is it safe and sensible to drive from Seattle on 12/24 to Vegas, and back on 12/28?
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    It's not looking good at all - you may want to consider flying. That drive in good weather is 2 long days on the road at best.

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