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    We are planning to go on a road trip to idaho in the next few days from PA. We are planning to take the route suggested by google maps and may be change the route a little mid-way in case the weather gets too rough. Here is a link to the route suggeted by google. Do any of you happen to know if any stretch of the route is particularly inconvenient/dangerous during this time of the year? Any suggestions and tips would be really helpful. Thanks,

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    When exactly are you planning to leave? When you're talking about weather forecasting, a few days can make a big difference, and if you're not leaving until say Wednesday, forecasts for the later part of the week and into next weekend will still be fairly unreliable at this point.

    Your route doesn't have many other options. You could dip down to I-70 or perhaps up to I-90, but both of those route add about 200 miles to your trip. Monday and Tuesday, both I-80 and I-70 are looking pretty lousy for the first half of your trip anyway. Any other route options would start adding a day or more to your drive time, and become counter productive.

    There is no single stretch of interstate anywhere that is generically dangerous during winter. Certainly, the conditions will depend upon the elements you encounter. Take it slow, give yourself plenty of time for this trip, and let the conditions dictate how you drive or if you need to stop for things to improve. You're talking about a 2250 mile trip, a full 4 days under ideal conditions. I'd try to build in a 5th day if you can, just in case the weather doesn't cooperate.

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    Thanks for the prompt reply .Was just wondering which day would be optimal to start and where necessary we should take breaks ...Any suggestions are welcome .

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    Well, the weather just isn't looking very good for most of this week, but Christmas Day appears to be your best bet. Right now that looks like your best bet for avoiding most bad weather. Thursday is about the only day that looks clear on I-80 east of the Mississippi, and other than maybe hitting some bad weather to start your day on Friday, you could hit a bit of a slot where the weather will be ok.

    Rough stopping points, assuming good weather, would be near Chicago/Joliet IL, Grand Island NE, and Rock Springs WY.

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    We were just wondering if this route would be suggestible ,
    State college PA-cinicinnati ,OH-saint louis ,Mo-grand island ,NE-rock springs ,wy -boise,id .

    Please do suggest if you have any other suggestions ?Thanks in advance

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    What's your reason for picking this route or changing it from the I-80 option you previously listed?

    This route adds about 150 miles to your first choice, and Cincinnati alone adds about 50 miles off of the direct route to St. Louis. I'm also not seeing anything in the forecast that makes I-70 look like you'll see any better conditions.

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