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    We're flying into Denver next May for a two week road trip ending up in LA. We've a few destinations in mind on the way but we'd love to hear of anything that you think we shouldn't miss on the way. We're quite open minded at the moment about routes and particular destinations but we'd like to include: a section of the Rockies, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Las Vegas, some desert driving between Vegas and LA, and ultimately on to LA.

    Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated.


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    Well, it shouldn't be too hard to fit all of your goals into your trip. You're talking about an amazing area. There are about a dozen national parks in Colorado and Utah alone that could be fit into your trip. One option would be to check out Rocky Mountain NP, head over to Arches, and then down to Mesa Verde on your way to Monument Valley. You could also do more exploring in Utah, checking out places like Zion and Bryce before heading down towards the grand canyon.

    Between Vegas and LA pretty much all you've got is desert, so driving through desert isn't just a goal, its basically a requirement. If you want to do more than just drive through, you've certainly got plenty of choices with places like Death Valley, Joshua Tree, and the Mohave Preserve.

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