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  1. Default TRIP W/ PREGNANT gift!

    So I have decided to get my wife a ROADTRIP as a christmas gift!

    I am wondering if anyone has pursued a trip with their pregnant wifes and where you went ?

    Can someone please give me some good ideas for where we can go ?

    I live in Illinois and I want to be gone for about 10-12 days !

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    Default well, its her trip

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A roadtrip is an interesting thing to try and give as a gift. The challenge is that you need to find a trip that's based on what she wants, and its the sort of thing thats kind of hard to surprise someone with. You can't really plan someone elses ideal roadtrip without a lot of their input. When you've also got a pregancy involved, I'd make real sure this is something that she'd even want to do right now.

    As far as where to go, if you're going right after christmas, then weather could play a factor in where you go. However, as a very generally starting point, 10-12 days gives you enough time to go most anywhere between the east coast and the rockies. Where you should go beyond that really depends more on what you, and more importantly, she is interested in.

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    we are both in our early 20s so we want to do something fun....but she is pregnant and I am thinking the Grand Canyon would be fun!

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    Plan on stopping at least every 45 minutes for a potty break. This can be difficult in sparsely populated areas, you may want to stick to the beaten path.

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    Default Not sure what age has to do with it

    Ultimately this is your trip and your relationship, but if you are giving a roadtrip for a gift, I would worry a whole lot more about what she wants than what you think would be fun. Personally, I've given trips for gifts before, but its not something I would do as a complete surprise unless I was absolutely certain it was something the recipiant would enjoy, and considering a pregancy, I don't think I would feel absolutely certain until I had a good discussion about it. In other words, if it were me, there's no way I would do what you are talking about as a surprise.

    The Grand Canyon is 3-4 full days of driving, depending upon where in Illinois you are starting from. Certainly, that means you can drive there and back and make a trip work in your timeframe. That also assumes that your wife is interested in and would be comfortable being on the road for 8-10 hours a day. There would be some people who would think that would be great, but there are plenty of people who -especially considering the circumstances- wouldn't think that was the ideal way to spend their time.

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    Default Definition of fun

    Hi there, It's a lovely thought but........

    we are both in our early 20s so we want to do something fun....but she is pregnant and I am thinking the Grand Canyon would be fun!
    The Grand canyon is a wonderful place, very scenic, relaxing, even romantic but it depends on what your wife's definition of fun is. It's also extremely cold if you are going straight after Christmas.

    I understand fully where Michael is coming from, it is a tricky one. Who would you say is more into roadtrips you are your wife ? Would she get that it's a present for her or would she feel it's more for you? How far is she into the pregnancy, will it be comfy for her in the car, walking e.t.c?
    Don't get me wrong it's a nice idea but by answering these questions to yourself you can find out if it's what she will really want at this moment?

    Good luck
    [Hey I'm a grandad and still get it wrong from time to time ! ;-)

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