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  1. Default Moving West and Driving from NYC to DC to Graceland to LA!


    My fiance and I are moving to CA...and will be leaving January 4th. and driving!!

    We would like to try and make the trip in about 10-12 days max. And are trying to do this trip cheaply, but have budgeted for staying in motels, and some sightseeing!!

    I know that 10-12 days should be plenty of time, but since this will probably be the only trip we take for a while, I would like to make sure we see as much as possible, but still trying to be safe on the road.

    Our plans now are to depart on Jan. 4th from NYC and go to DC for one night to visit a friend. After that we will start heading south. We want to see Graceland (Memphis)..but after that we really dont have any other stops planned yet!!! I need suggestions!

    My main questions are..
    #1 After leaving DC, should we take I95 south to the 40? OR should we leave DC on the 66 and take I 81 south to the 40? And... Depending on the route...what are Suggested places to stop and see interesting stuff between DC and Memphis.

    2# After leaving Memphis, should we just continue on the I40 to CA? Or shuld we head So. on the I30/I20 to the I 10?? Any suggestions on possible places to stop between Memphis and California?

    Overall...I want this to be a memerable, but safe trip!! We are both 30...and also like to check out things that are alittle offbeat, but also like the normal touristy stuff too. I would really like to take the most scenic route, but want to avoid too much snow...!

    And advice, tips, routes, stops, hotel suggessions, are welcome!!! ITs my frist time planning a trip like this!!

    Thank you!


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    New York to Los Angeles is, not surprisingly, a very popular drive. You have one major advantage, however, over most people who make this trip. You have time to enjoy it. So here are my recommendations for the best of what you can include on the way. By all means use I-66/I-81 out of Washington. This is much more scenic than I-95 and is a bit shorter as well. In the Knoxville area (where I-81 meets I-40) consider a detour to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. From Nashville, another excellent detour would be to take the Natchez Trace Parkway down to Tupelo, MS and the other end of Elvis' life. US-78 would then take you to Memphis.

    I'd also take I-40 westward in preference to I-30/I-20/I-10. This will set you up for another detour, this time for a scenic drive through some hill country in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Then it's back to I-40, Oklahoma City, and some quiet reflection. Continuing westward, take another side trip up US-285 in New Mexico to Santa Fe, then down to Albuquerque and Petroglyph National Monument, and across northern Arizona with stops at Petrified Forest National Park and the Grand Canyon. A final 'big city' visit in Las Vegas would leave you within about a half day's drive of your destination.


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