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    I stumbled across, a site in beta testing that lets you easily get weather all along your route.

    I've got no affiliation with the site, but I thought other forum users might find it handy, especially during winter travel. If anyone else knows of a similar free online site that's handier, I'd appreciate a recommendation. Thanks.

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    Default Cool.

    That's a useful tool, thanks.
    The weather along the route is real handy [it took a little while to load on my computer, but hey.]
    I put in a couple of routes and the travelling times seemed more realistic than some programs, averaging approx 55 m.p.h door to door. What I noticed was one route was dry and fine and the other with snow and ice but the average speeds were almost identical. I know I know, I am asking to much LOL.

    I will certainly be checking out in the future.

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    It looks very promising, but it needs a lot of refinement.

    It appears to use 55 mph as the default speed on any type of road. You can change that after plotting, but it's globally applied. It plots a route using the shortest numbered highways, regardless of type. You also can't enter waypoints to force a certain routing, or drag and drop after the fact.

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    Yup, I agree the site could use improvements. I was hoping that veteran road-trippers such as yourselves would let the site's organizers know about suggestions, to the benefit to all users. I've got limited road-tripping experience, so I'm much less likely to spot shortcomings or come up with cool improvements.

    Along those lines, I appreciate how helpful everyone is on this site. I've learned a lot by reading posts here. I feel much more prepared to do more road tripping, thanks to you folks.

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