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    Some buddies and me are planning a road trip in a RV for April. Our plan is to depart Columbus, OH with the intended destination Las Vegas. We are expecting to take 2 weeks off work to complete this trip. I was wondering if anyone may know of some good tips on some places of interest we may want to check out. We are all in our mid-twenties. I would like some advice on some good camping grounds, historic spots, and dive bars that we should encounter on this journey. Thanks for you help.



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    Well, it's pretty much a straight shot west on I-70 until you hit I-15 and make a left to get to Las Vegas. besides some restful stops along the way, you might want to have web sites like this one in your back pocket. Another good way to find bars with lots of people your own age (roughly) is to make your stops in college towns such as Columbia, MO; Lawrence and Manhattan, KS; and the like. As far as history goes, you might want to make a stop at the actual spot were Lewis and Clark started there westward journey - it's just off I-270 before crossing into Missouri, 3 miles north on IL-3.


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    Thanks, that is some good info. I will make a not of visiting the Lewis and Clark site.

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    Hi Jack,
    Well here's some good Day trips from Vegas ideas. There is also a big ditch known as the Grand canyon that's worth checking out. In Zion and Grand canyon there are N.P.S campsites in great settings [Watchman and Mather respectively] which can be found on there website.
    In Vegas you can use Circus Circus R.V. park [i believe it's more like a parking area]on the strip or Oasis resort that's a 15 -$20 cab ride to the strip. There is a shuttle bus service [use to be free] but it goes around the houses a bit picking up from other Hotels e.t.c.

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    Good, info. My cousin lives in Vegas so housing there and transportation is not a issue. I'm more concerned with sites, and things interesting on the way to see. And alternative routes so that both trips are different.

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