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    Default Arizona road trip - Havasu Falls

    My husband and I are planning a 2 1/2 week road trip throughout Arizona in April. After visiting the Grand Canyon, we wanted to take the hike to Supai to see Havasu, Navajo & Mooney falls. We heard about the devastating floods there in August, and haven't been able to get any information about whether this area will be open to tourists again by April. The Havasupai website is not responding to e-mails, and I haven't been able to find many updates about the ongoing restoration efforts.

    Does anyone out there know what's happening in Supai, or whether planning this side trip in April will be possible or even worth it. I've read that several of the falls have suffered the ravages of mother nature, and the water trajectories may be permanently changed from the picture postcard images we've seen - tragic if true.

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    Default Terrible affects.

    Yes it's very sad.
    The only info I could find was saying the same thing,that they are looking at getting tourists back in by next spring, possibly sooner with a cash injection.I guess they won't know for sure untill recovery work nears it's end.

    This seems to be all The reports are saying. When it is re opened to visitors it's tough to know if there will be a back log of visitors who had previously booked and a rush of applicants making it difficult to get reservations.

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    Yes, last message from a local expert: Closed until at least spring 2009

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    Default Supai

    Checked out Havasupai website today. Looks like Supai & canyon area is open to tourists again on May 1/09. Too late for our trip :(

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    Default Plenty more to see.

    Hi Heatherette, welcome back.

    Thanks for the update, it's nice to know they are looking to get operational again.

    Shame about the timing for you, although the surrounding areas will more than make up for it.

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