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    I'm from Bombay, India. Love driving and would love to do a road trip across the United States of America. Heard so much about the lovely people and the amazing highways of your beautiful country, and want to experience it first hand.

    Planning to drive from Los Angeles to New York in May 2009. One possible route is Los Angeles-San Fransisco-Seattle-Boise-Wyoming-South Dakotta-Minneapolis-Milwaukee-Chicago-Indianapolis-Washington DC-Pittsburg-New York. Am given to understand that such a trip would take atleast 15-17 days since I would be mostly driving in the day time only, and I'll need to factor in a few days for rest/breakdowns/emergencies etc...

    Planning on going solo, with stopovers at major cities and tourist sites.

    Any suggestions on how to arrange for a car, logistics, places to visit, better route etc... would be most appreciated. Since this is going to be my first trip to America, I'm looking for all the help I can get.

    Thank you,

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    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    Sounds like an excellent trip with one caveat - you'll be heading north at a time of year when the weather can still be a little/a lot unpredictable.

    I drove a similar route last May and - halfway through - wished that I had left it another month or so. There was a lot of rain, some big snow, and a few attractions, such as the Beartooth Highway and Mount Rushmore, that were either inaccessible or not visible.

    My inclination would be to make it a more southern parabola to NYC. That way you could hit Death Valley, Southern Utah (Zion, Bryce NPs), Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, New Mexico and then sweep up through Kansas (a hugely underrated state, with some great small towns) and then head towards the Smokys and almost certainly enjoy better weather. But I'm sure some of the other, wiser, heads on here will have better advice.

    In any case I think you've given yourself enough time to do it as long as you keep it a fair clip on the road and don't hang around too long at either end.

    And you'll be sure to enjoy it.

  3. Default Road trip from Los Angeles to New York in May 2009

    Hey Paolo - Thank you for a quick reply. I'd really like to do it from the Northern side since I'm planning on visiting some friends/family in a few of the states mentioned on my original route, so would'nt want to deviate unless its absolutely a problem. What I could do is push the trip back a bit to June perhaps, since there really is no pressing reason for me to do it in May, if theres adverse weather and I would really like to see Mount Rushmore.

    Any idea about getting a car rental, costs for the same, and toll, miscellaneous expenses that I need to watch out for.

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    I would recommend June. Even then, there's the chance of snow in higher elevations, but a lot less likely. Wyoming, western South Dakota, Montana, etc can get snow easily in May.

    Lake Coeur d'Alene in northern Idaho is beautiful. There's Glacier Nat'l Park in northern Montana. There's Yellowstone and Teton in Wyoming (definitely worth it). There's the Great Salt Lake Desert west of Salt Lake City, UT on I-80. The Black Hills of SD have a lot to see. Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Deadwood, the Badlands, etc. Definitely worth driving around.

    Through the plains there's not much.

    Hope that helps a bit.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm a little concerned with your timeframe, considering all of the places you want to stop.

    You're looking at about 6,000 miles of driving, which you can easily do in 15-17. Really, you could comfortably do the driving along in as little as 10 days. However, if you want to spend time at each of the places you've listed, then your time will start running a little short. You'll have to figure out how much you want to balance your traveling with your time exploring.

    I might push things back to June if your time is flexable. May is ok, but the weather will be a bit warmer in June and a few areas that close for the winter are more likely to have reopened.

    Car rental expenses car vary wildly, depending upon a variety of factors. You'll need to expect a one way rental charge, that's ususally at least a few hundred dollars, but otherwise, you'll just have to shop around and see what you find.

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