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    Hi all,

    My girl friend and I are planning a 2 weeks long road trip this april, starting in Chicago, around the lake Michigan and finishing in Cleveland or Pittsburgh.

    What kind of weather should we expect in late april, specialy in north Michigan ?

    Do you think 2 weeks is long enough ? (except 2 or 3 days in chicago to see a cubs game, we do prefer nature and country driving).

    What are the 'must-see' or must-do' around there ?

    Thanks all,

    Olivier (Marseille, France).

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    Default Around Lake Michigan

    Bienvenue sur les forums de RoadTrip Amérique. Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I've never actually made the circuit if Lake Michigan as a complete trip, but I've driven most of it at one time or another, so let me just list a few of my favorite places along the way and you can feel free to look further into those that appeal to you, ignore those that don't, or ask for more advice. Anyway, the places I think that make this a special part of the country include the Milwaukee waterfront, Door County, Pictured Rocks, Mackinaw, Sault Ste. Marie, Sleeping Bear Dunes, and Indiana Dunes. You should also be aware that this area of the country is awash in history related to the French explorers and fur trappers who opened up its settlement, and you will find many French place names and historic sites throughout your journey.

    Two weeks, even with a few days out for the Cubs game, should be quite sufficient.


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    Weather is hit or miss. Keep an eye on the jet stream. if it's coming south over any of the lakes, expect lake-effect snow immediately south of the lake.

    East of Toledo, there's Cedar Point. You could take the ferry across to Kelly Island and see the Glacial Grooves (very cool, I've been there).

    If you're going to Cleveland, there's the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame (never been there) right next to the Browns stadium.

    Driving along Route 2 near the lake was a nice drive when I did it, and you can continue east of Cleveland along 2 and US20 among other roads.

    No clue about northern Michigan, never been there,... yet.


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    I lived in Cleveland for 20 years so I know a little about the place. If you like nature the Cleveland Metroparks System has extensive nature trails. There is the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. They have train rides on an old locomotive steam engine that runs through the park, at least they did when I lived there. Reservations were recommended. It is a very scenic drive through the park. From Toledo you can pick up rt 2 off of I 280 and head east. Its a scenic drive through Port Clinton another historic town. A previous poster suggested Kelly's Island. I vacationed there twice. It is peacefull and quiet. There is a winery, and the glacial grooves. There is a ferry from Port Clinton, but I think its a passenger ferry. There is another ferry at Marblehead you can get your car on. You can also access Cedar Point from rt 2 at Sandusky. If you go there be prepared for huge crowds.
    East of Cleveland on sr 87 are some Almish communities, around Burton and Middlefield. And if your a music fan the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a must see. Take the 9th st exit off I 90 or I 77 and follow it to the end and your there. Parking close by might be a problem during business hours of the work week. There are plenty of parking lots and garages within a short walking distance. You should plan on 2 days for the rock hall if you want to see it all. And you could see some lake effect snow in Cleveland in late April. Good luck on your trip.

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