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    I am traveling from Tucson Arizona to Osoyoos BC Canada leaving Sunday 21st Dec. Wondering what route to take. I travel about 60 mph so I was thinking the 93 north of las Vegas might be a good option. If I take that route, is it wise to travel the 93 to 318 to 6 and 93 again? What is the weather likely to be in that area? Was trying to avoid the IS 15 but considering the time of yr it might be the better option.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Is there a reason you have to drive 60mph or less an want to stay off the Interstates, or is that just a personal preference based on how you like to drive?

    There's nothing wrong with the US-93 route, although apparently the NV-318 shortcut is a favorite for speed demons.

    Are you planning to rejoin the interstates one you get to Idaho, or do you plan to take US-93 all the way into Montana?

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    Default You can still drive there

    You can still take I-15 if you want to go 60mph, tops. Granted, some others may not like being behind you, but if you stay out of the fast lane, you should be okay. Now, if you go below the minimum speed limit, that's another story.

    I think it comes down to what the local weather is going to be like when you travel. If it is looking like the weather may be difficult, I would stick with the Interstate.

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